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West Middle nominates Westen’s Students of the Month for April

Well-Rounded, Empathetic, Studious, Trustworthy


The following students have demonstrated many of the character traits that West Middle School looks for in students and have been nominated for “I Am West” by a team of teachers for April.


Westen’s Students of the Month include:


Team 6A –  Leah Schreier and Drew Gastle

Team 6B -  Colin Rogowsky and Erin Hagler

Team7A -  Riley Latawiec and Tucker Collett

Team 7B -  Brianna Velasquez and Caleb Brese

Team 7C -  Hannah Becker and Alexander Vanwey

Team 8A –  Aleena Januchowski and Caliana Januchowski

Team 8B –  Kara Szewc and Christian Pinelli

Team 8C -  Helena Kottas and Lily Rudnicki

606/608 -   Gerard Boinski