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West Middle nominates Westen’s Students of the Month

The following students have demonstrated many of the character traits that West Middle School looks for in students and have been nominated for “I Am West” by a team of teachers for March.

Westen’s Students of the Month include:

Team 6A – Logan Sitarek and Caelynn Shanahan

Team 6B – Kathryn Gemza and Lorelai Urbanski

Team7A – Jeremiah Dadzie and Amelia Fumanti

Team 7B – Carina Brawdy and Jackson Riccio

Team 7C – Nathan Jachlewski and Kera Wisor

Team 8A – Quinn Hagler and Gregory McOwen

Team 8B – Devon Carrow-Sperduti and Savanna Atkinson

Team 8C – Sophia Savo and Kyle Sadowski

606/608 – Colin LeBron