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Athletes of the Month

Boys Bowling--Coach Stablewski - Zach Spengler is a senior and is a great team player. He always strives to improve his bowling game and the proof to that is in some of the accolades he will receive this season. As a team Captain he carries a 209.3 average which is 4th highest in ECIC , Zach also has a Hi Series of 798 which is #1 in ECIC and also just bowled a 701 set at ECIC Roll offs this past Monday which was the highest in Roll Offs. Zach shows up early to practice and is willing to help teammates out. Zach has done all this while maintaining a 93.0 average in school. Zach will be bowling with the ECC Bowling team this coming Fall.

Girls Ice Hockey - Sam Miller is a Junior and is a returning player to the HHEWS. She is one of our talented defensive players.Sam is a multi-sport athlete that is equally successful in all academic classes. She is an athlete that has a genuine happy disposition that makes anyone around her in a good mood. No matter what is happening she often can find the positive in any situation. On and off the ice she is always cheering on her peers, complimenting them and checking in on them. On the ice she shows the same respect and kindness to other opponents. She currently has 2 assists this season. Samantha is an easy going player that will do anything a Coach asks of her. She takes constructive feedback and will often self-reflect her performance to make a plan to adjust her player style or assist the team in a different way when necessary. She is coachable, motivated and kind. We are grateful for her heart, her positive attitude and great sense of humor. 


Indoor Track - Ella Krumpek is a senior who set the  school record in the 1 mile and reset her own 2 mile school record. Has currently qualified for three individual events for sectionals.

Boys Ice Hockey -  Cameron Wawrzyniak is a Senior  Grade: 12 has gotten on the ice early and stayed on late after practice to help some of the younger and developing players. During the games he's helped explain positioning to these players as well.  Cam leads the Trojans in goals with 8 as well as power play goals 4 and is tied in total points for the team with 13. Cam has racked up the most amount of minutes on the ice and leads by example with hard hits and pushing his skating to the limits on the ice!  Cameron Wawrzyniak is a leader on the ice among his peers. With top notch skating, stick handling, and shooting skills, he is on his way to playing some serious hockey at the next level!



Varsity Wrestling - Nate Tirado is a Junior and always displays good sportsmanship- whether he wins or loses. Nate will make it a point to help up an opponent and always treats opponents with respect. Nate has a season record of 17-6 and is captain of the Varsity wrestling team. Nate took 1st Place at the Ripley Varsity wrestling tournament winning the championship for the second consecutive year. Nate also placed 4th at the Ken-Ton Varsity Tournament.  Nate is the hardest working wrestler on the team- he is focused on being the best wrestler that he can be and will be a success in any endeavor that he pursues. 

Girls Basketball -  Skyler Ceriani is a Junior and supports her teammates with constant encouragement during practices and games.  Skyler is a valuable member of the West Seneca East girls basketball program, but not for the reason one might think. Skyler’s not a starter, nor a statistical leader, but her energy and effort are just as valuable. Her enthusiasm is off the charts. She is constantly cheering on her teammates, encouraging all to perform at their best in hopes of the team winning. Her selflessness is a great attribute and a quality I wish everyone displayed. When she's on the court, it's all out effort, and Skyler always seems to have a smile on her face. Her teammates love her, and it's not hard to see why. Skyler is a wonderful person and fantastic teammate. I greatly appreciate her contributions to this team and have enjoyed watching her improve throughout the season."


Boys Basketball -  Devon Madding is a Senior.  In every game and practice, Devon Madding consistently embodies the spirit of sportsmanship on and off the basketball court. His unwavering respect for opponents and teammates sets him apart as a true ambassador of the game. Devon's demeanor remains consistently positive and encouraging, exemplifying his unwavering commitment to sportsmanship on and off the basketball court. One can often find him offering a hand to a fallen opponent or cheering on his teammates during both triumphant and challenging moments. Devon's commitment to fair play, integrity, and camaraderie serves as a shining example for his fellow players and reflects the core values of sportsmanship at the varsity level. 

 Devon's performance on the court in January showcased his exceptional athletic abilities and influential leadership. Averaging an impressive 15 points per game with a remarkable 45% shooting accuracy, Devon proved to be a consistent and reliable scorer. Defensively, he demonstrated versatility, securing an average of 4.9 rebounds and 0.8 blocks per game. Notably, Devon's leadership proved transformative beyond the stats. His positive attitude and tireless work ethic set a high standard, fostering a culture of perseverance within the team. As a top scorer, Devon's on-court excellence extended beyond scoring, with his vision translating into numerous assists. His unselfish playstyle and defensive agility, contributing to 2 steals per game, enriched the team's dynamics by creating opportunities for everyone on the court. Devon's impact, both statistically and as a leader, solidifies him as an invaluable asset to our team's success in January.  Devon’s dedication to the game and his team is truly remarkable. He’s a natural leader who inspires his teammates with his work ethic and sportsmanship. His performance this month has been nothing short of outstanding.


Boys Varsity Swim - Jacob St. John is a ninth grader and is s such a great teammate. He's always excited for practice and swim meets because he gets to watch his teammates race.   Jacob has been swimming in a new event that is very difficult, the 200Im. So far he has dropped 14 seconds overall from the first time he was in this race to his best time in this race. Jacob works very hard and is an extremely motivated athlete. He is always willing to put in the hard work and doesn't back down from any barriers that come about. Overall Jacob is a great teammate that the coaching staff is extremely proud of. We are always excited to watch him race and his improvement.