Industrial Revolution Notes

  • Industrial Revolution Notes

    Industrial Revolution Notes


    What: A move from living on farms to working in factories.       Manufacturing becomes the way to earn a living.

    When:  Begins in the 18th century (1700s) but most changes happen in the 19th century (1800s)


    Where: Mostly in the United States and in England


    Who: Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin

               Isaac Singer- sewing machine

               Samuel Gompers- labor unions

               Henry Ford- assembly line to build cars

               Thomas Crapper- flush toilet (thank you sooooo much)


    Why: Factories allowed people to make more money, countries to

    have more trade, people to get jobs… economics.

    How: Machines increase production and profits.


    Good- More jobs in factories

                Many more inventions

                Lots more $$$$$

                Things get cheaper

                Things are produced much faster


    Bad- Children are exploited

    Pollution becomes baaaadddd

    Disease and death become common

    Crime rises

    Cities grow too fast

    Key Vocabulary

    Rural - spread out houses (farms)

    Urban -cramped housing (cities)

    Urbanization-growth of cities

    Suburban- between urban and rural

    Industrial- factories

    Agriculture- farms

    Manufacturing- raw materials to products

    Supply- how much you have

    Demand- how much you want/ need

    Tradesman- a skilled worker

    Apprentice- a person learning a trade

    Laborer- an unskilled worker

    Labor union- A group formed by workers to get better laws for workers

    Economics- getting the things we need or want

    Raw materials- another name for natural resources

    Reformers- people who wanted to change the way workers were treated and to change the Poor Law.

    Textile- anything related to the manufacture of cloth

    The videos below are more focused on the US in the Industrial Revolution


    This video is a basic explanation of the Industrial Revolution-for Kids.  There's quite a few facts here for you to use though. 

    This video is about 20 minutes long and provides a lot more insight into the Industrial Revolution with some excellent photographs included.

    Here is another 20 minute long video.  Is a bit more advanced but includes a better idea of the downside to the industrial revolution.  You might want to have an adult with you to help you with some of the vocabulary.


    This short video is about some of the machine inventions that made things faster, easier, cheaper etc.

    This video is about the invention of mills to make clothing faster and how it changed the lives of people.


    Industrial Revolution: A Boon to Industry, A Bane to Childhood