6B Homework Page - Mrs. Adamski, Mrs. Castiglione, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Tronolone



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    READING - Mrs. Adamski
    Mon. - Bring in public library card tomorrow ( if you have it) 
    Read and log
    Tues.- read and log
    Wed.- finish WW2 timeline- Hitler's Plan
               read and log
    Thurs.- read and log
    ENGLISH - Mrs. Tronolone
    Mon.- homophone test on Friday 
               3.8 paragraph on Winter - due Friday
    Tues. homophone test on Friday
               3.8 paragraph on Winter due Friday

    Wed.- homophone test on Friday

               3.8 paragraph on Winter due Friday
    Thurs.- homophone test tomorrow
                  3.8 paragraph on Winter due tomorrow

    MATH - Mrs. Purdy

    Mon. -POW # 9 due Wednesday
    Tues. POW # 9 due tomorrow for corrections
               Consumer reports sheet- work must be showm
    Wed. POW # 9 due friday with corrections
              Quest- take home quiz- 
    Thurs. - Lesson 13 back of sheet #'s 9,10,11,12
                  POW #9 corrections
                  Quest take home quiz if not done. 
    SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Castiglione
    Monday - Test tomorrow- chapter 9 - fertile crescent/ Mesopotamia
    Tues.- none
    Wed. - Nile River map
    Thurs.- none
    SCIENCE - Mrs. Klavoon
    Mon. - Period 1 and 2 finish protozoan chart if needed 
    Tues. - 
    Wed. - none
    Thurs. - Chapter 9 study guide- due Tuesday -SKIP numbers 2, 12 and 13

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