6B Homework Page - Mrs. Adamski, Mrs. Castiglione, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Tronolone

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    Some Important Dates:

    Looking ahead...Flex Day October 17th (Sign up will be available at a later




    READING - Mrs. Adamski
     Mon. - log and read
    Tues. - log and read
    Wed. - log and read.  Make sure your character web is updated. 
    Thurs.-Edit character web with a different color 
               Read and log
    Fri. -  Session 4 journal entry 
              log and read for the weekend
              If you read and log Monday, you will get extra credit for the next log
    ENGLISH - Mrs. Tronolone
    Mon. - 3.8 paragraph due Friday- 3 things you like or don't like about fall- adjective page due Friday
    Tues- 3.8 paragraph due Friday- 3 things your like or don't like about fall- adjective page due Friday
    Wed. none
    Thurs- 3.8 about Fall due tomorrow and adjective page due tomorrow
    Fri- File folder project- due November 1
    MATH - Mrs. Purdy 
    Mon. - POW #3
    Yellow book Practice 1-3 #1-4, 7-10
    5th period!!  Your projects are due October 11- It counts as a test grade!
    Tues.  POW #3 due for corrections Wednesday
    Wed. POW # 4 due Friday. 
    Practice 2-3 #'s1-10
    Thurs- POW #4  due tomorrow              Period 5 only  Project due tomorrow!
    Fri-  none
      Math in the library on Tuesday
    SCIENCE- Mrs. Klavoon
    Mon.- observation practice 1 observation 5 properties
    Tues- none
    Wed. - none
    Thurs.- none
    Fri. - none
    SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Castiglione
    Tuesday: P1, P2, P4, P9 -> Read and complete Primary Source Organizer for A Disappearing Tradition.  P5 -> Finish Primary Source Organizer on Climb On Up!  All classes: Digging Up The Past (pg 5). 
    Hi-light your answers in the text and mark margin with question number.  Make False statements true.  Social Studies Weekly 2 extra credit due Friday.
    For Organizer remember: (3-5 dot jots)
    Observe:  How can you tell that the picture is not recent?
    Reflect:  What do you first notice about the picture?
    Question:  What questions do you still have now that you have observed and reflected?
    Wed.- Social Studies weekly #2 due Friday (EXTRA CREDIT) Vocab quiz next Wednesday
    Thurs. Finish reading and do questionsfor the Paleolithic Hunting
                Weekly 2 extra credit due Friday
               Vocabulary Quiz next Wednesday
    Fri.- Vocab Quiz on Wednesday
            Quizlet- for studying 
             Period 4 Finish map

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