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  • Welcome to 6th Grade Science!




    This year we will be working on many exciting topics including:

    * The Scientific Method

    * Life Science:

          -Living Systems

          -Cell Structure

          -Cell Processes

          -The Microscopic World

    * Physical Science:

          -Waves and Sound

          -Light and Color

          -Temperature, Heat and Phases of Matter

          -Physical Properties

          -Mass, Volume, Density, & Buoyancy


    The supplies you will need this year include:

    - 1 inch binder- label with your name, and subject

    -Dividers (5)

    -Metric Ruler (general supply list)

    -Colored Pencils (general supply list)

    -Highlighter  (general supply list)

    - pens/ pencils (general supply list)


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