Team 8A Science - Mr. Pritchard

  • Mid-Term is Friday 1/17/20:

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    We will review the answers to the review packet Wednesday!




    1/8/2020 - Click here to view the video and take the online test. Use your notebook to take notes and record your "test" grade.


    CPO Science texts:

    Make sure to click on the green "Student Login" tab. 
    Username and password are both PRITCHARD8A (clear out any pre-filled info)


    Regents Earth Science - Igneous Rocks notes MC Practice

    Science 8 - CPO Ch. 3 TEST Friday:  Blue Review Packet due tomorrow



    Regents Earth Science - Igneous Rocks notes up to and including page 19 due tomorrow

    Science 8 - CPO Ch. 3 TEST Friday:  Blue Review Packet up to #43 due tomorrow