Team 8A Science - Mr. Pritchard

  • Attention all students and parents:  We are moving to Google Classroom! 

    Periods 4,5,6 and 8:  Use class code ks54rmq   

    Earth Science:  Use class code ovxet5z   

    Please sign up ASAP!

    The current assignment:  This is a new topic - Astronomy... don't freak out.  This is the exact assignment I use every year to introduce the topic.  You've got this!!! 


    See you at Google Classroom - take care.



    CPO Science texts:

    Make sure to click on the "Student Login" tab. 
    Username and password are both PRITCHARD8A 


    4/7 - 4/9

    Hi - I hope everyone is doing well.  If you or anyone you know is in need of any assistance at this time, please contact the school district or me directly to arrange some help!

    4/7: Science 8 Students:  Click here for Skill Sheet 1.3: Types of Graphs. Click here  for the answer key.

    4/9: Today’s assignment should be easy... click here for the Water Cycle diagram and as always, use the online text for help if needed.

    Click here for the Water Cycle answer key.

    Thank you and take care! 

    CPO Science texts:

    Make sure to click on the "Student Login" tab. 
    Username and password are both PRITCHARD8A 

    3/31 – 4/3

    Science 8 Students:
    1)Click here to view/print the answer key to our previous assignment Skill Sheet 1.1 Using Your Textbook. Grade your work!
    2)This week, work on our next assignment one section at a time. Click here to view/download Skill Sheet 1.3 Reading Graphs. Some questions may be confusing, but remember to just “do your best.” There May be useful information in the textbook(link below).  Ask questions in my blog comments and the answer key will be provided at the end of this week.

    3)UPDATED - sorry -   Click here to view the answer key for Skill Sheet 1.3, Section 1.  IF YOU CAN NOT VIEW THIS FILE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE BLOG.  

    Click here for Skill Sheet 1.3 PART 2 answer key


    Click here for Skill Sheet 1.3 PART 3 answer key

    Earth Science Students:  Please check the Earth Science tab for your work.


    CPO Science texts:

    Make sure to click on the "Student Login" tab. 
    Username and password are both PRITCHARD8A 



    March 27, 2020

    Good morning.  

    Earth Science students: please check the Earth Science tab to the left.  

    All students and parents: feel free to use the comments on the Blog tab to ask questions.  Please always include your name at the beginning of your comment and also know that comments will be private unless/until I approve and publish the comment.  If you’d like your comment kept private, just say so!  As always, I can also be contacted via email:

    STUDENT REMINDER:  Keep the work you do for science organized in either a physical or digital location. You do not need to submit work to me, but make sure you keep everything so that we can share when school resumes.  If you are able to print the materials, the best option would be to keep everything in a folder or binder.  If you cannot print materials, you can hand-write info or keep things digitally in a way that works for you and can be shared at a later date.  Use the Blog comments or email me if you need help or suggestions.

    PLEASE NOTE:  I have attempted to contact every student/parent via the email addresses provided in Parent Portal.  I know you may have been bombarded with a lot of communications from school but please take the time to respond to me at some point if you have not already done so.  

    ALSO - students, please put your social media skills to use and spread the word to everyone you know that they should come here for 8A science assignments and info.  THANK YOU!


    March 25 - 27, 2020

    OK, let’s see who can still use their text book.  Either dig out the copy that was assigned to you, or scroll down for instructions to access the online book.  Click here to download the worksheet.  Print it out, or copy the questions (and your answers) into your notebook/portfolio etc. This is Page 2. I will update this page with an answer key at the end of the week.  Go to the Blog section of this page if you have any questions for me or comments to share.  Be well!


    March 21-23, 2020


    Dear students and parents,

         Greetings from the Pritchard family! We hope you are all healthy and comfortable at this time.  While we cannot be together, we can still interact in new and creative ways. I’m sure you are encountering a variety of approaches from your teachers.  Please do not stress - everything will work itself out. When it comes to 8th grade science, I’m going to try to keep things low key, fun and interactive.  Hopefully we can all learn along the way.


         Here is my plan, I hope you’ll play along:  you and I are going to create a journal/portfolio over the next few weeks. We will include what is going on in our lives, in the world outside, and also some science.  This can take any format you wish; spiral notebook or paper pad, typed document, google doc, PowerPoint… feel free to be creative. Share your ideas with me and others.  I will regularly share my journal with you. Remember, there is no pressure and I am not grading this. It is mainly a way for us to stay connected and active. But PLEASE play along… Hopefully we will come together someday soon in Room 802 and we will be able to show each other what we’ve accomplished!


          General guidelines: each day, copy down the information or questions I provide, then answer, comment or create your responses.  It is important to copy what I provide and not just write down your answers.


    Day 1:

         Life is different in many ways right now.  Describe your current life in the following ways:

    1)What are you doing during the time you would normally be at school? (Dot-jot and be detailed!)


    2)What things are you not able to do that you would normally be doing?


    3)What things do you miss about normal life?


    4)What things are you gaining during this time?


    5)Get creative: draw a picture, write a poem or short story (make a brief video?!?) about your current situation.




    3/18/20 - Good morning Team 8A.  I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. As of now, the Pritchard family is home and comfortable.  For now, just know that your first priority is to stay safe... if you or anyone you know is in need in any way, please contact the school district as they will be able to connect you with resources. In the coming days, I would like to be in contact with you all and maybe even talk about some science (yeah!).  Stay tuned as I get more info out to you and be well... I mean “Have a good day!”


    3/9/20:  Complete the CPO 7.2 packet.  Click here to download a copy.



    CPO Science texts:

    Make sure to click on the green "Student Login" tab. 
    Username and password are both PRITCHARD8A (clear out any pre-filled info)