2020 Summer Reading List

  • 2020 Summer Reading List

    Dear West Middle Families,

    Summer reading is essential to sustaining academic gains made by students during the school year. Therefore, all West Middle students will be required to read two books this summer from the lists below.  This includes students entering grades 6, 7, and 8.   Assessments on the readings will take place in September. This assessment will factor into the first quarter grades. Please feel free to open the link and print the list to help encourage your child to read over the summer.  Hard copies of these lists will be mailed with report cards to our current West Middle students (those entering 7th and 8th grade) and in early July.  Students transitioning to 6th grade will be receiving copies of the reading lists in their respective schools before the end of the school year.  These books may be available at the West Seneca Library, and local bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. 


    Please click the appropriate link below to access your child's 2020 Summer Reading List. We hope you enjoy a relaxing summer filled with sunshine and great books.

    See you in September!!!

    Grade 6 Summer Reading List

    Grade 7 Summer Reading List

    Grade 8 Summer Reading List

    Grade 8 Accelerated, Summer Reading List



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