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         Please note: School is NOT cancelled!  Although the school buildings will remain closed, our distance learning programs will continue for the rest of the academic year, according to the governor’s orders. 
    We are:
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    These websites are for student and parent use in conjunction with student agendas.  While every effort will be made to update these pages, students should pay attention in class as assignments do change as a result of unforeseen circumstances.  

    Students are responsible for all work whether or not listed on this site


    SHORT ABSENCES DUE TO ILLNESS – If your child is out for 2 or more days, please contact Student Support Services at 677-3530 ext. 3537 to request schoolwork and homework for pick up. You should also check individual teacher websites, since they may contain information about homework and classwork.

    FOR VACATIONS OR OTHER PREARRANGED, NON-ILLNESS RELATED ABSENCES – Your child will need to make up any missed schoolwork or homework when they return. We will not put together a packet of work for these absences.  Instead, students should check teacher websites for homework and notes, if available. Students will be expected to complete the work they missed upon their return, which may require them to stay after school.

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