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     As we head into this very unusual time I would like to welcome you all...virtually, or at least until we can once again attend school in the usual manner.  Getting things off the ground promises to be a challenge- for us all.  If we are patient with each other and help each other, we will make it a success.

    You will likely have many questions as we get started.  I know I do.  If you have questions, please ask them or use the link below to get support.

    West Seneca "Go"

    Many of you might be new to "Remote Learning", that's OK I am too, and we can work together to learn things about it as we learn the regular subjects too.  This year there are very clear differences between now and the work you did when schools shut down suddenly last spring.  The school district has put together a handbook for you all but I have copied the student behavior section here for you. 

    Its important that you understand that this is MUCH more like real class that the spring classes were.  Attendance is required.  Grades will be kept. Your behavior and cooperation are expected. Your work will have expectations for its quality and 'due by' dates to turn it in.  In other words, much like regular classes.

    I will be meeting with you as a class at least twice a week in each subject that I teach.  You will also be getting a call home once a week just to check in.  It will be from me or Andolina who is working with our class on the calls. 

    There are also "Office Hours" at the beginning and end of each day to get help you.  There is much more contact with the teacher now, so you aren't just left on your own. Each school day I will have "Office Hours" from 8am to 8:45am, and again from 2pm to 2:45pm to support you.  I will set up a Google Meet titled MRDOFFICE.  Log in when you need some support.  Attendance is NOT required for "Office Hours".

    Below is the Etiquette/Behavior information.  Sorry about the quality of the image but it is still readable:

    Student Expectations   

     3 stacked books of different colors 
    Supply List (This is from 2019-2020.  Due to the flexible status of 2020-2021 it has not been updated.  We will just use the same supplies)

    Item Name



    Packs of (12)pencils


    Please do not buy mechanical "clicker" pencils.  Old fashioned #2 are all that's needed.  This may seem like a lot but kids will go through them pretty quickly.
    Pencil bag


    Please no boxes, they are harder to carry around and break open when dropped.  A larger bag (7"x9"ish) is preferred as it just holds more.
    Twelve pack of colored pencils


    Please do not get markers or crayons.  You don't need the huge 24 pack or bigger either.  Its just more to carry. 12 is plenty.
    A hand pencil sharpener


    It should have the small compartment to trap the shavings when used.
    Five Subject notebook


    Please not single subject notebooks.  All the notes will fit in here if your child doesn't raid it for writing paper.


    Black, permanent, fine marker


    This is to label your belongings.
    Red Pens


    These are for correcting.
    One hundred sheet pack of lined paper.


    Please get the "Wide Ruled" if possible.
    Index Cards (100 Pack)


    These are for use in making flash cards and other study aids.
    Small bottle of white glue


    For some projects the glue stick just doesn't hold well.
    Glue Sticks


    This is in addition to the bottle of glue
    Post-It Notes


    Square package. The 3"x3" size gives the best chance to write on them
    School scissors


    Box of Facial Tissues


    These get shared all year long through the allergy and flu seasons.  (100 noses use a lot of tissues:-)
    *Spiral Sketch Book


    This is for Art classes.
    *Wooden pencils


    These can be taken from your packs.  They are also needed for Art classes.
    *large pencil eraser


    This will be for Art classes as well
    Avery Flexi-view Folder


    The school has purchased these for the students.
    ***Roll of paper towels


    This is NOT REQUIRED, it's just to help in our room.  The paper towels we have don't do much absorbing when there is a spill or bloody nose.
    When we return, I really believe that you will see that East Middle is an absolutely awesome school.  There are SO many opportunities to do cool things and to learn so much.  There are clubs, sports, musicals, concerts and activities to take advantage of as well as the classes and events we have in store at the grade level.  The sky is the limit for you. 
    Please don't be mistaken though.  While the school is fantastic, there is work to do.  You earn the right to participate in everything by completing your assignments and by meeting the expectation that you will act like ladies and gentlemen.  Those things will open many doors for you- in school and in life.
    Best Regards,
    Mr. DiCarlo
    East E 
    Extra newspaper boy Our District's Parent Portal is not yet live for the  2020-2021 school year.  It will be online at about the 5th week of the year. 
    Here is the Parent Link.  You can/should probably add it to your 'Favorites'.

    Reminder:  Our Report Cards are NOT sent home on paper.  Your child's grades will be reported to you electronically unless you notify the office to send home a paper copy.  Report Cards are published through the Parent Portal.

    You can also use the Parent Portal to keep track of your child's progress on a daily basis.  Each family has a password that is unique for their child.  Teachers do NOT have access to your passwords.  If you do not have yours, or need to create a new account please contact the Middle School Office or call:
        Renee Denz at 677-3685 or Laurie-Jean Stachowiak at 677-3537 for a password reset or tech support.
    The office cannot give the passwords directly to your child.  They will be mailed to your contact address.
    Parents please check here often as I will do my best to keep you up to date with the news.  I have also asked the children to look at the grades with you.  It is important that they know and understand the importance of the grades and are active in keeping them high.
    Mr. DiCarlo