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  •   Welcome to Mrs. Stamos' Webpage.

              I have included some information here that may prove helpful to parents and students.

    Although some homework assignments will be posted here on the assignment calendar; due dates may change depending on our in-class progress. The best source for homework assignments is the student assignment book (planner). I write the ENTIRE week's homework assignments on the classroom board every Monday and students are given the opportunity to copy these into their planners at that time. This is their responsibility.

    Every day, at the conclusion of class, students are also reminded of any upcoming assignments or any changes in homework.

    Please check your student's planner for the most up-to-date homework assignments.

    Downloadable copies of many of the Lab Packets & Worksheets that students will be using this year can also be found on the RESOURCES Page for each topic.

    *Parents are encouraged to check their child's work for correctness and quality.  :)
    **** See the RESOURCES page for PowerPoint notes that accompany and complement the lessons presented during class.

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