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    May-June 2019


    Dear Families,

    Hello and thank you for reading this web-page.

    School isn't over yet---we still have work to do. We still have to cover Topic 16 in math. This topic is all about telling time on analog and digital clocks. Any support from home is greatly appreciated. 

    We will celebrate all of our June birthdays and our summer birthdays in June. If this pertains to you, a flyer went home on May 23.  Due to a peanut allergy, I cannot allow home-made treats in the classroom. We also have a student who is gluten free. This means that he cannot eat anything with gluten in it (wheat flour). Please be sure to read labels carefully when purchasing any treats you will send in. Some suggestions are popsicles, freeze-pops, raisins, fruit, potato chips. Thank you for your careful consideration. We have 24 students; 13 boys and 11 girls.

    There are many tests at the end of the year. Please be sure your child is rested and ready to learn every day. 

    The weather finally nicer and I am happy to take the kids outside on nice days.  I feel we all need to enjoy a break and a breath of fresh air. Please continue to dress your children appropriately. All students should continue to wear socks and sneakers every day. Sandals are not allowed on the playground. 

    Also please make sure your child has a water bottle here at school. We take many "drink breaks" each day and it gets expensive buying disposable cups all the time. Plus, water bottles are better for the earth. :)

    June 14- This is a half day; dismissal is at 11:00 am and it is "Donuts with Dad/Grandfathers/significant person" at 7:30-8:30 am.

    June 19-our last "shopping day"--has your child earned money to spend in the store? 

    June 20th-half day; dismissal at 12:00 noon

    June 21st-half day and field day; dismissal at 12:00 noon.

    June 24th-half day, dismissal at 12:00 noon and the last day of school; report cards will be sent home with your child. A supply list for third grade should be in the report card envelope. 


    Thank you for sharing your child with me. We have all learned a great deal from each other this year. They have taught me so much and I hope they enjoyed their second grade year. Please, please, please make sure they read and write over the summer. It is so important to continue progressing and avoiding the "summer slide".  



    Mrs. English