• Week 4 April 13 – 17

    Sock Challenge Week!

    This week we would like you to try some of our sock challenges at home!  They are easy, fun ways to practice some of your skills in a safe way!  Please make sure you are working in a safe environment!  To make a sock ball take two socks, put one inside the other and scrunch them up into a ball!

    Sock Snowball Fight

    • 2+ people!
    • Place the sock balls in the middle of the room, when the game starts try to grab a sock and hit the other person with it! If you get hit by a sock you are out and need to perform 3 jumping jack or the Floss Dance to get back into the game.  Play for 3 minutes stop and reset the game!
    • Proper form! Turn, Make a muscle, point, step (opposite foot) and throw!
    • Safety: play in an open room or outside!  Be careful of any furniture or pictures and always ask an adult to ensure it is a safe place to play and Have Fun!

    Clean up your room Challenge

    • 1+ people
    • Make a pile of sock balls, 3 to 4 normal steps in front of you place a laundry basket or more for more fun! Try to use an underhand toss to land the socks into the basket. If you miss run, get your sock and return to your starting spot before taking your next shot.  If playing in a group take turn and count each made shot as a point.  If using multiple baskets you can assign each basket a different value!  If the distance is too easy, try to move the baskets further away!

    Toss and Catch Challenge  

    • Find a small ball, tennis ball, or rolled up socks and lay on your back.  See if you can throw and catch the ball up into the air? How many times, how high?  Can you use your favorite hand?  Can you switch hands?  Can you use just your weak hand?


    Weed 2 March 30 - April 3

    PE-Scavenger Hunt

    Try to complete the PE Scavenger Hunt!  There are three different levels (easy, medium, hard).  Make sure you are safe!  Feel free to take pictures and send them to Mr. Baney or Mr. Nicosia so we can put them up on the website.  

    Week 1 March 23 -27

    Day 1-  Avengers HITT Fitness 

    Avengers HITT Fitness link

    Day 2 -  Would you rather Fitness?

    Would you rather fitness link

    Day 3-  Go outside!  With a parent/guardian go outside and:  take a walk around the block, go for a hike, ride a bike (with your helmet), challenge your parent/guardian to a race!

Home Page

  • Hi Winchester Families,

    In effort to keep our West Seneca community healthy during this time, we are excited to share with you the launch of the 2020 Buffalo Bills Spring Play 60 Challenge.  Children are challenged to engage in 60 minutes of exercise each day!


    This challenge will be open to all kids ages 18 and under.

    •             Parents are asked to register their child and track their child's weekly physical activity starting April 6 through May 3, 2020.

    •             If the child participates in 60 minutes each day and submits their weekly challenge form online by Friday, May 8th they will receive an exclusive digital Bills Play 60 Poster.

    •             Participants will be eligible to win one of the 5 following autographed items: Micah Hyde jersey, Tremaine Edmunds helmet, Josh Allen football, Ed Oliver mini helmet, and Dion Dawkins cleat.



    Buffalo Bills Play 60!

    Buffalo Bills Play 60 Challenge | Buffalo Bills - buffalobills.com


    Buffalo Bills: The official source of the latest Bills headlines, news, videos, photos, tickets, rosters, stats, schedule, and game day information


    We hope you are all safe and well!  Please know we miss seeing all of the children and are thinking about them during this time.  


    We will be using this website to send out weekly resources to help facilitate Physical Education at home!  We will have weekly links found on the left column for each week we are out of school.  We will include weekly activities that you can try at home using household materials.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Mr. Baney or Mr. Nicosia and we would be happy to help!


    We would love to see all of your hard work at home!  As you try some of the activities at home please feel free to take a picture and send it to us. cnicosia@wscschools.org  or bbaney@wscschools.org  We would like to put it on the website to show off all of your hard work!


    Winchester PE staff

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