How To Get To Know Your Schools Better

  • The West Seneca Board of Education recognizes the importance of keeping the public informed about school matters. To accomplish this, many avenues are used to communicate school information. These include:

    1. Individual school building publications and open-house programs

    2. Publication of the district newsletter, "Our Schools"

    3. Newspaper releases

    4. Radio and television announcements

    5. School-community organizations

    6. Pupil-carried bulletins

    7. Publication of board meeting highlights

    8. Public hearings and information meetings

    9. Hearing of Visitors at board meetings

    10. Open telephone communications

    11. Monthly cable television show - channel 13

    12. The world-wide server (internet) that contains information on schools
         and curricula

    13. School Home Page at

    All residents, with or without children in school, are welcome to attend any school function. School board meetings provide regular opportunities for district residents to voice their concerns.

    Arrangements for school conferences or visits to schools should be made by calling the building principal.