Mr. Burke's homepage - Grade 4 room 222

  • Hello and Welcome to fourth grade: Breakfast and lunch is available for all students.  Breakfast is between 8:30-8:40am and our lunch time is 12:40-1:10, students may bring healthy snacks and water into class.  No candy, sports drinks, juice, or soda. If there is a dietary or allergy issue call the school nurse and we will work it out.  

    Specials are as follows:

    Monday- 8:50 Music  and 10:50 Art

    Tuesday- 8:50 PE 

    Wednesday- 8:50 PE

    Thursday- 8:50 Music

    Friday-8:50 PE and 10:50 Library



    Homework: each night the students should be reading 30 minutes of their leveled reading books.  Please feel free to read with them and have fun with this. If they have Social studies or assigned reading it counts.  You can expect another 20-30 minutes of other homework, if there are issues getting things done, just send a note.  DO NOT stress at home about this, we can work it out. 


    Word work: Please see the routine below.  We will be practicing the routines the first two weeks before we get into our groups. There is work to be done each day in class and 10 minutes each night.   


    Math: Students will have hw each night,  They will have a  workbook that they bring home and they will either need to do the Reteaching section and/or Practice.  The books are clearly marked and I will check all hw.  If they are struggling, feel free to help, but it shouldn't be painful. Write me a note if they need more assistance. 


    Science: We will be starting our Animals/plants structures and functions unit.  This is fun because we have live crayfish and unique plants that we are working with. They can bring home their work to study but they need to bring them back daily. 

    Social studies: Our class will begin by studying maps of the globe, continents, countries, NYS, and local maps.  The year centers around NYS and we have a couple of local field trips that reinforce the curriculum.   



    Word work routines and expectations-

    Day 1; at school write and sort the words in the school notebook, at home they write each word 3 times in Word Work notebooks, look for spelling and vowel patterns, Day 2- Write each word 3 times each and discuss word meanings and patterns with small group,  at home create 6 sentences using your words in context. Day 3 at school- Write your words in alphabetical order and review word meaning and usage in a small group.  at home they create 6 new sentences, using the words in context.Day 4 in school they use their slates to Study for Test and Identify pattern for word sorts, at home they do use their notebooks to practice and study. Day 5- at school students will be tested on 12 words from their weekly words. They will be asked to spell the words at first and within 4 weeks they will be asked to create 10-12 sentences using the words from their sort.






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