Mr. Burke's homepage - Grade 4 room 222


    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year-





      Homework: each night the students should be reading 30 minutes of their leveled reading books.  Please read with them and have fun with this. We are not using the reading logs anymore. But will be introducing a book review in November. 



    Word work: We are now working on word work. Please see the assignments below.  All work should be in their notebooks.  They have lists and also have the words in their white notebooks that we use at school.  


     Math; We are finishing our Topic 10 work and will be  testing sometime next week. 


    Science:  We will be starting our Electricity unit soon.  Students will build and analyze simple circuits , Students will experiment with conductors and insulators and identify common materials that make them.  Students will learn about the different parts that create light bulbs and batteries.   

    Social studies: kids will be working on everything at school with some studying a few nights a week.  We are using the Studies Weekly newspapers and are highlighting terms, events, and people who are important that week. (those are usually the tested items)



    Word work routines and expectations- Day 1; at school write and sort the words in the Words notebook, at home they write and say  3 times in Word Work notebooks, look for pattern, Day 2 and Day 3- at school create 6 sentences,aloud, and using your words in context. at home they create new sentences, using the words in context. Later,  Students can make a funny story, just write sentences, and they must underline or highlight the words used.Day 4 in school they use their slates to Study for Test and Identify pattern for word sorts, at home they do use their notebooks to practice. Day 5- at school students will be tested on 12-15 words from their weekly words.






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