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    Welcome to my updated website!  In these challenging times I hope that everyone is staying healthy, safe, busy and happy. 


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    I have added some resources on my page to help kiddos and families at home to manage worries.  I know that these times can create stress for adults so we can only imagine how our kids are wrapping their minds around all of this.  Please remember that kiddos take their cues from the adults around them.  If we are visibly upset and stressed they will be too.  As adults we need to create a culture of calm (even if it's difficult).  Please refer to the resources below for help and reach out for extra help if needed.


      If you need anything feel free to contact me at

    677-3631 or


    Remember that worry and anxiety looks different for kiddos.  If you see your kiddo doing any of these below it's a signal to

    take a break:

    Anxiety in kiddos


    Use the resources below for a break when you see your kiddo and even yourself getting stressed and or upset:

    coping whell


    calm down breathing


    It's important to help kiddos recognize feelings and how to help themselves feel better:

    self care kids


    Families please remember that these are trying times for all of us.  Each day try your best and do what you can.  We can't do it all each day and some days are certainly better than others.  Take time to care for each other and for yourselves.  


    Check out this list of activities to try to stay busy:


    Edited from 20 Screen Free Activities to do with Kids found on-line.  The Schoepflin Family favorites are hiking, joke time and FaceTime with grandparents.  Here are a few of my kids

    favorite jokes:

                   joke 1              

                   joke 2


    Families I recently saw this on social media and wanted to share. I see these feelings in my own kiddos at home and hear it from many around me.  This new world is creating so many new situations for kids and home lives.  Allow your kiddos to express feelings as they are likely connected to our new unknowns and then help them to problem solve and control what they can in their day to day lives.  This will help them still have a sense of power in our upside down world.

     sadness about covid


    A friend send me this card a few weeks ago and I love the picture so much I had to share it.  It reminds me that every once in a while we need a friend to help us stay afloat.  Please be good to one another.  Help someone to stay afloat and remember to reach out if you need help staying afloat!

    good friends help