Mrs. Verbeck's Kindergarten Class - Where learning is fun!

  • Welcome to our Kindergarten world!

    Our days will be busy and filled with a variety of learning experiences!


    Please read the Google Classroom stream before morning meeting begins. I post announcements/reminders in the stream before 9 a.m.


    Star Student names are listed next to the Morning Meeting on the Weekly Schedule. I chose to go in abc order by last name.


    Please feel free to call or text me using my google voice number, or remind app throughout the school year. You can also email me at I check my email each morning, throughout the day and at various times in the evening.


    We will be learning how to read and write using Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop and Phonic's Workshop.


    Math will be taught using online SAVVIS Realize. It is the new version of the Envisions math program.


    Of course, we will be exploring history and our world with social studies (my favorite) and science lessons.


    *Please set up a school workspace for your child. Please have the following materials easily available for them:

    -crayons, sharpened pencils, scissors, glue stick/glue bottle

    -a pocket folder, drawing paper (such as a ream of printer paper)

    -a basket or gallon baggie of 3-5 picture books (any reading level) for them to look at during reading lessons

    -small white board/dry erase marker/eraser (or cloth)


    I will have "Office Hours" every day from 8:00-9:00 a.m. Please feel free to set up an appointment during those times to talk with me 1:1 (via phone) about any questions/concerns you may have. You can also give me a buzz/text or email me during these office hours with any last minute questions/concerns that you may encounter.


    We will learn so much this year. Most importantly, we will learn that we love school!


    -Mrs. Verbeck :)