Mrs. Blaszak's 4th Grade Class Page - Welcome to 4th Grade! It is going to be an exciting year!

  • This year is going to be filled with many fantastic experiences. I am looking forward to working with each one of you this year!

    Preview of the Year:
    * Social Studies - New York State (Native Americans, Explorers, American Revolution, Civil War, Underground Railroad, Government (local, state, federal)
    * Science- Plants, Crayfish, Electricity and Circuits, Simple Machines, Force and Motion and Land and Water
    * Envisions Math Common Core  (Practice your Multiplication Facts) Division Algorithm, Perimeter, Area, Multiplication Algorithm, Fractions, Decimals, Shapes, Elapsed Time

    * Guided Reading

    *Writer's Workshop- Get ready to write all different genres

    *Reading Workshop


    Testing this year: 4th Grade ELA (April), NYS Math (April), NYS Science (May/June)