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    Land & Water Game/Video:

    Covid-19 Time Capsule!
    If you'd like to jot down your thoughts & feelings about what's going on during this strange time, check out this time capsule packet! Click the link below!
    Covid-19 Time Capsule


    Some math worksheets for this week (4/8):

    3 Digit Addition Easter Egg     3 Digit Subtraction pg 1     WorksheetWorks Counting Coins 2    WorksheetWorks Reading the Time 1


    Memory Hunt! With my kids at home, when it was raining yesterday, we created a new kind of Memory game; Memory Hunt! We each took turns taking the Memory cards (from any game of Memory you might have at home, you could also use a basic deck of cards) and hiding them all around the house (like an Easter egg hunt in doors). My kids then had to look around the house, flipping over the cards & putting them back & they had to find a match before they could pick any up. Once they found 2 cards that matched, they could hold on to them. If they couldn't find a match, they had to leave the card where they found it.


    Want to chat? Check out our Google Classroom page! I've posted a little conversation starters letting you know a little bit about what I've been doing these last few weeks! Tell me what you've been up to!!!  

    To Log on to Google Classroom, go to
    , then use your usual login information (it's what you use to login to our computers) and password. Email me if you can't get on! Comment on my latest post if you can get on!!


    Ideas for Croglio Crew Learning While at Home:

    *Read! Read! Read! Find a comfy, cozy book & read for at least 20 - 30 minutes each day. Then choose a reading response you could do from the section you read that day: fiction books- character analysis web (like on your FWRL), retell of that section, or give advice for the character to help them solve their problem. If your book is nonfiction - write a main idea for the section and include 3 specific details that you learned about to support that main idea. 

    *ReadWorks! Read Works is a wonderful website where you can find all different types of reading articles and stories with questions that follow and answers are provided!

    *Video Check Your Fluency & Flow! Video your fingers as you point to your words as you read across the page of text. Then play it back and check for any decoding errors you may have made and listen again to see if you have good fluency & flow with your reading!  


    *Complete 1 lesson a day for the 10 lessons you have from the packet. For those who don't have the packet, look to your purple book as to a guide for the topics and complete the next 10 pages in the purple book. At this point, stop once you complete lesson 13-3 (I think that was the last one in the packet - if it's not, someone please email me and I'll edit my page here). Once we know if this time will extend past April 20th, this stop point may get adjusted. 

    *Prodigy practice! (your username & password should be in the back of your planner) 

    *Extra Math practice! (your username & password should be in the back of your planner) 

    *Practice adding & subtracting 3 digit numbers, counting coins, telling time to the 5 minute mark or if you can, the minute mark, geometry (shape identification & identifying the number of sides, vertices, & angles the shape has).

    *Word problems - a great, free website to print your own worksheets is Work Sheet Works!



    *Practice your cursive writing! Make sure yo practice writing your full name! You'll be writing that for your whole life!!

    *Grammar packet - complete 1 page per day. Feel free to print your own worksheets for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, types of punctuation, etc. on Work Sheet Works!

    *Creative writing - fiction stories, nonfiction, poems - create more Spring Concrete Poems like the one we did in class!

    *Start a journal about what you do each day or each week! We are living through a historic even. Write about what life is like during the coronavirus quarantine. How are things different? How are things the same? What are your thoughts and feelings about what life is like during this timeframe? 

    *Write a letter to someone in your family & leave it somewhere for them to find! 

    *Feel free to creatively write on Google Docs! Fiction stories that include characters, setting, a problem and events that lead to a solution, nonfiction writing about your favorite animal or explore landforms around the world with Backpacker's Guide. You could even research what life is like in those areas and tell me about it on a Google Doc! Students have their login information in the back of their planners for Google Docs & Backpacker's Guide!


    As we're given more direction from the district, I'll keep all of you up-to-date as best I can! Please check here periodically for any updates! Most importantly though, stay healthy, stay safe, take care of each other and enjoy your family time together! 



       There is always something exciting happening in second grade. There are stories to be read and written, math problems to be solved, communities to be explored, and science concepts to be experimented with and observed. I'm looking forward to guiding you through a world of discovery and learning, even if it's in your own home! 

        If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me or email me!

    677-3620 (4734)