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  • Hello! Happy (almost) Spring! Our class enjoyed hatching chicks from eggs in an incubator during the month of February. It was very exciting to watch them emerge from their egg into a soft, fluffy chick. We were able to keep them for about 2 weeks after they hatched. We each made a journal with daily entries as to what we were observing! It was a wonderful experience!

    I have enjoyed meeting with almost all of you over the course of the past month for pre-CSE and/or annual review meetings. Your input is vitally important for making a well-rounded program for your child for the 2005-2006 school year. Please feel free to contact me with any additional concerns or questions.

    For the months of March and April, we will be doing many writing/reading projects for St. Patrick's Day, Spring, Earth Day and the upcoming Spring holiday. We will use math skills such as measuring, cutting and estimating to create leprechaun traps out of shoe boxes. The children have really enjoyed this project in the past years. They come up with very creative traps! To date, we have been unlucky in catching any leprechauns but we keep trying!

    Thank you for your continued help and support with your child's homework. If your child does not bring home actual paper/pencil homework, it is a great opportunity to use that time to read with your child. Having them keep a daily writing log at home will encourage them to write as well as having them create their own stories! Applying math to everyday life is an excellent idea! Examples of this can be counting money before going to a store, counting change, asking your child to tell time on the clock, and/or asking them "What time will this movie end if it's 1 and 1/2 hours long?" It's sometimes amazing how much math we do each day in our daily lives!

    Thank you! Mrs. Mundis