West Seneca Central School District

          1.  This first video is all about exploring fossils. As you watch the video, write down five facts. Be ready to share what you've learned when we come back together.
    Click on the link above: Exploring Fossils
    2.  This next video features Bill Nye the Science Guy. In the video he explains all about earthquakes. List five things you learn as you're watching the video. Have fun!




    3. Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about Erosion. Click on the link titled Erosion Video to watch.

    Erosion Video


    4.  Bill Nye the Science Guy talks all about Simple Machines. Click on the link.

    Simple Machines

    Write down 5 facts from the video. Write a paragraph describing how you might build your own simple machine. What materials will you use? What will you use your simple machine for?


    Our next Social Studies unit is The Amazon Rain Forest. Click on the link below to get a head start.

    1.     Rain Forest




    dart frog  

    2.       Amazon Rain Forest

     (Click on the link above for a Virtual Tour of the Amazon)