Meet the Teacher

  • West Seneca Central School District has introduced a new online parent teacher scheduler called Meet the Teacher.  The new system allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers and then receive an email confirming your appointments. 

    If the appointment window is closed, please contact the school office.

Login Requirements

  • ☑️Student's First Name
    ☑️Student's Last Name
    ☑️Student's Date of Birth

    You must know these three pieces of information to successfully book a Parent Teacher Conference.

Parent Guide for Booking Conference

  • Step 1: Login

  • Step 2: Select Parent Teacher Conference

  • Step 3: Select Booking Mode

  • Step 4: Select Availability

  • Step 5: Choose Teachers

  • Step 6: Book Appointments (Automatic)

  • Step 7: Book Appointments

  • Step 8: Finished