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  • 5th Grade Social Studies and Reading

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    Welcome to 5th Grade!                                Mr. Riter - Room 136


    Our Fifth Grade team is eager to teach our students all the necessary skills to be successful this year. 5th Grade is a time for learning, growth and preparing for middle school.



    An important goal of the fifth grade program is to prepare students for middle school by helping them become more independentresponsible, and organized.


    All parents need to know that their support and encouragement can be critical to the successful completion of assignments.



    All students have a right to learn and a responsibility to allow others to do the same.  My class expectations for the students and myself are:

    1. We will exhibit these character traits: responsibility, caring, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship
    2. We will listen to people who raise their hands, and speak one voice at a time when called upon.
    3. We will learn when there are no problems or distractions.
    4. We will work cooperatively with others.
    5. We will be respectful listeners and follow directions. 
    6. We will turn in neat, quality work assignments on time.
    7. We will come prepared each day with all needed materials.
    8. We will always do our best.


    We all make mistakes.  Mistakes are an opportunity to grow.  When you make a mistake, learn from the mistake, and do better next time.