Scholarships can help pay for college expenses.

    Be careful not to fall for the myth that "scholarships are only for those students with high GPA's, SAT scores or those with financial hardship". In truth, there are many scholarships for students with all levels of academic achievement, cultural backgrounds, career interests, hobbies and passions.


    In the past, West Senior students have earned many scholarships based on many different interests and volunteerism

    • involvement in extra curricular activities
    • from their parents/guardians employers
    • from their part time employers
    • those awarded by colleges.


    The West Seneca community is extremely generous to the students of West Senior.  The students were given a Scholarship Book at the college consortium in October, if they did not receive one, they can stop in to Student Services to pick one up.  A copy can also be found here on the school website.

  • The following websites are great resources for locating scholarship opportunities.