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  • Welcome to Mr. Braunscheidel's webpage for Global History, on the following pages you will find resources that will improve your understanding of our world's history.


    Our course will begin with the World in 1750 and will conclude with a comprehensive review for the Global Regents Exam.

    Units to be studied are...

    Unit I – The World in 1750

    Unit II – Enlightenment, Revolution and Nationalism

    Unit III – Industrial Revolution

    Unit IV - Imperialism

    Unit V – Unresolved Conflict (World Wars)

    Unit VI – Unresolved Conflict (The Cold War)

    Unit VII – Decolonization

    Unit VIII – Tension

    Unit IX – Globalization

    Unit X – Human Rights Violations


    The following will be vigorously addressed. 

    Enduring Issues throughout History Cause and effect, Point of View, Context, Turning Points, Bias, Intended Audience, Geography, Construction of Arguments



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