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    Thank you for visiting this page.  I hope you and your family are feeling well and stay healthy during our time off.  While we are social distancing due to the Corona virus I will be updating these pages and sending you REMIND notices.  Please visit either my Algebra or US History tabs for more information. 



    Hello!!! Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year...


    Students you can find me either in room 307, 309, or 204 during the school day.  I am in room 204 after school and post my availability on the cabinet near the windows in 204.  Most often Tuesday - Friday until 2:30 but check first to make sure I don't have a meeting scheduled.


    This web page was created to keep students and parents well informed! I have included information about the courses I am providing support for on the tab to the left.  In Algebra IB work with Mrs. Tracy Hennessey.  She will provide updates on her web page that correspond to our shared class. The Algebra 1B information posted on my web page is for the class I teach in room 204.  Please check frequently as I will upload study materials for my Algebra 1B course regularly.  In US History I work with Ms. Chris Glavey and will upload items that students can use to make sure their binder is in order.  I have organized the materials by quarter so that you can use it as a resource to study outside of class and reinforce instruction. 


    I will be working with students on their individual annual goals.  Our focus areas will include, but are not limited to: organization, self-advocacy, time management, prioritizing, and academic growth.


    Please email me with any questions or concerns.

    Meghan Osinski