Mrs. Hennessy Loves Algebra!

  • Monday 6/8 - LAST ASSIGNMENT

    You have a final assignment through Delta Math on Parabolas. No calculator needed for this one.

    This is due Tuesday June 16 by 8am.


    Monday 6/1 - JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have one review assignment on Delta Math. It will be challenging as one little mistake will cause you to get the wrong answer. This is all about multiplying, adding, and subtracting polynomials. As usual though, you have all week to complete it. Watch out for negatives!


    Tuesday 5/26 - One Delta Math Assignment and Final Averages

    Hello! You have one Delta Math assignment this week (due Monday, June 1st by 8am). At this point, these assignments can only raise your overall average. So stay motivated and do the work! Reach out through Remind if you have questions.


    Monday 5/18 - Two Assignments, Gradebook, and Memorial Day

    You have two review assignments on Delta Math. They are due by Tuesday, May 26th because Monday (5/25) is Memorial Day.

    Feel free to log into Power School and check that your grades match what you completed in Delta Math.

    If you have a zero on something and want me to give you an extension, just let me know! I can open the assignment back up for full credit.


    Monday 5/11 - More Delta Math with Videos

    These are your assignments for the week. Be sure to watch the entire videos as some of it builds on prior knowledge.

    Nothing is brand new to you.

    due may 18

    Monday 5/4 - 3 Delta Math Assignments

    These are your assignments for the week. 

    Please reach out to me if you are concerned about your Q3 average as there is still some time to boost that grade.

    may 11 due date


    Monday 4/27 - 3 Delta Math Assignments

    Your new assignments for the week are posted on Delta Math.

    Let me know how you guys are doing. It looks like today is going to be a nice day. You will feel accomplished if you make time to wipe down doorknobs in your home, TV remotes, and go outside. Keep it simple. Miss you all!

    new Delta Math work


    Monday 4/20 Quarter 4

    Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. You can view the results here..

    You have two assignments on Delta Math. You have the entire week to complete these.

    Correlation Coefficient is NEW topic. It has to do with data and linear regressions. You do not need a calculator to answer these questions and you only have to get 5 correct for a 100%. Your score will be recorded in the gradebook for Q4.

    Solving Equations is a review topic. You will need paper and something to write with to complete these. You only need 3 correct in each section to receive a 100%. This will also appear as an assignment for Q4.

    Q4 Assignment #1


    Friday 4/17 Survey

    Delta Math Video Survey

    Most of you still need to complete Slope and Average Rate of Change (video required) on Delta Math.

    Please complete all Delta Math assignments and then take the survey. The survey will remain open until 3pm on Sunday.

    On Monday, I will post your assignments for the week.


    Tuesday 4/14 Delta Math Video

    New DeltaMath assignment to work on. This one REQUIRES you to watch a 6min video first. I will send out a survey about the video on Friday.


    Monday 4/13 Slope Review

    To review slope, please watch this video.

    You have a Delta Math Slope Practice and a Castle Learning Slope Assignment.


    Wednesday 4/8 Red Review Answer Video, Castle Learning, Survey Monkey

    Hi everyone - here are the answers to the Red Review Book.

    Please watch and complete the Castle Learning for an easy 100%.

    Complete this survey to help me determine how we will move forward Algebra1B April Survey


    Monday 4/6 New Castle Learning Assignment and Red Review Book

    After you finish the Delta Math assignment, please check out Castle Learning for more DOTS Factoring Practice.

    Please complete PG 17-19 of your Red Review Book. I will post the answers to these questions on Wednesday (4/8).

    PG 17-19 Red Review Book


    Wednesday 4/1 Castle Learning is slow ...

    Castle Learning is slow BUT a lot of students were still able to complete the Box and Whisker Plot practice.

    *I have removed the due date of this assignment for anyone who had technical difficulties. Please complete this when you can.

    I am posting a video of answers to Red Review Book PG 13-16.

    PG 13-16 Answers Video

    PG 13-16 Answers

    You now have a new Castle Learning Assignment called Mix Review 1 (no due date in case of tech glitches). WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST!

    You also have a Delta Math assignment on DOTS Factoring. In order to get a 100% you just need to get 10 correct. No penalty for incorrect answers.

    Remember that you can text me through Remind or email me if you have trouble completing this work.


    Monday 3/30 Algebra1B Update

    THANK YOU to everyone who completed the Delta Math assignment!!! I am so proud of everyone that has practiced their Algebra during this stressful time. 

    If you didn't get to do it, I am not disappointed at all. Hopefully you are able to do some math this week.

    You have a new Castle Learning assignment on Box and Whisker Plots. This is due Wednesday (4/1) by noon.

    I would also like you to complete the multiple choice questions on pg 13-16 (questions #1-7) in your red review book. THE ANSWERS WILL BE POSTED TO THIS ON WEDNESDAY.

    If you don't have your book, here are the pages for you to hopefully print at home. Red Review Book PG 13-16

    Remember that you can text me through Remind or email me if you have trouble completing this work.