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    September 05, 2019

    First Day of School!
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  • Students BEWARE!
    Earth Science is a spellbinding journey from the center of the earth to the edge of space. We will explore the fascinating interactions between human kind, the world we live on and Earth's place in our universe.

    You must come to this class prepared to be challenged, intrigued, baffled, and amazed.
    But to really enjoy the experience...you must come to this class prepared to learn

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    Earth is just under 24,902 miles around the equator (equatorial circumference)
         ...Earth is 42 miles shorter if measured around the poles (polar circumference)

    Earth is rotating at close to 1,000 mph on the equator
         ...15 degrees of longitude each hour (can you say timezones)

    Light travels at 186,000 miles each SECOND

         ...light second = 186,000 miles

         ...light minute  = 11.2 million miles

         ...light year = 5.9 trillion miles

         ...the moon is 1.3 light-seconds away

         ...the sun is 8.3 light-minutes away

    A Trillion is really, really, really BIG

         ...one trillion seconds is 31,546 years of time

    Earth revolves around the Sun at 67,000 mph

    Our solar systems revolves around our galaxy at 600,000 mph

         ...the sun, planets and asteroids formed 4.6 billion years ago
         ...this system takes 225 million years to go around the galaxy 
         ...it has only made 18 trips around so far (in 4.6 billion years)

    Our Milkyway Galaxy is a spiral galaxy with 200-500 billion stars
         ...our star is VERY average
         ...most stars are WAY bigger or smaller, some are the similar
         ...like most galaxies there is a super massive black hole at the center

    The Universe is 13.8 billion years old (byo)
         ...our galaxy (Milkyway) is pretty old too - about 13.2 byo
         ...the Milkyway was 9.2 byo when our Sun & solar system formed
         ...our galaxy has well over 100 billion other planets
         ...the visible 
    Universe has between 200-500 billion other galaxies

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