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    Welcome to Biology! Welcome to Science for the 21st Century! Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology!


     This website is designed to be a general guideline to the policies, procedures and information needed for a successful school year. Some of the icons at the left have subtitles; you will find a list of start-up supplies under the home icon. Try clicking on the icons to the left and explore! There will be additions to the site throughout the year.

    During the course of the year for the Living Environment classes, we will be studying living organisms and their interaction with the environment. We will build our understanding of living things and the world around us via exploration of the Key Ideas of the Curriculum: Inquiry, Unity and Diversity, Genetics, Evolution, Reproduction and Development, Dynamic Equilibrium, Interdependence and Human Impact.


     During our study of Science for the 21st Century, it is the goal that each student will gain a broad base knowledge of both Forensic and Environmental Science. Assignments and topics will help students develop a connection to current scientific advancements in a variety of fields. Opportunities for advancing problem solving skills will be developed through exploratory exercises. Lab activities and projects serve as an extension and application of classroom concepts.


     Anatomy and Physiology is a challenging course designed for students who wish a deeper understanding of the human body and how it works. Topics of study will include anatomical terminology, biochemistry, cells and tissues, the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Investigations will be augmented with both case studies and laboratory work including dissection.