• Courses in business have a long history in American high schools. The courses have varied over time, but the goal of providing "realistic" and "relevant" instruction for students seeking business skills has not changed. Today, computer skills are vital for success. The Business/Marketing Education Department offers programs to students who are considering business as a career, to students who want business education for personal use, and to those students who are planning to pursue a business program in college.

    Our program will provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed for employment in business and the ability to continue study beyond high school. it will also provide the student with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed by everyone to function effectively in our economic system. Students taking our courses will apply all of the standards they are expected to learn through their academic core subjects. The strong emphasis on application, linkages with the business community and the high standards established for the business curriculum will help students reinforce and learn concepts included in the Regents exam.