6B Homework Page - Mrs. Adamski, Mrs. Castiglione, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Tronolone


    Midterm Schedule:
    Social Studies 6: January 23-24
    Science 6: January 27-28
    Math 6: February 6
    READING - Mrs. Adamski
    Tuesday - read and log
                     -Complete chapter 7 discussion questions using complete sentences and include page numbers.
    ENGLISH - Mrs. Tronolone
    Tuesday. - Main Idea page numbers 4-7 due tomorrow

    MATH - Mrs. Purdy


    Tuesday- None 

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Castiglione
    Tuesday - Midterm Exam is Thursday and Friday.  Study guide was handed out Friday, online Quizz is also available in google classroom.
    SCIENCE - Mrs. Klavoon
    Tuesday- Study for Midterm

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