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    Team 6B Weekly Office Hours


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    TEAM 6B Communication Page
    ****  Week of June 1st -> June 5th, 2020 **** 
    READING - Mrs. Adamski   
    Updated 6/1


    1. Watch the video describing Compare and Contrast. 
    2. Sign in to IXL.  Remember, username and password is on the class assignment labeled "IXL Determine the Main Idea".  Practice the skill COMPARE AND CONTRAST (5th or 6th grade level).  Practice for 30 minutes or until you get a SMARTSCORE of 100.  
    3. TURN IN assignment when finished.
    "It is the books that are the key to the wide world; if you can't do anything else, read all that you can." - Jane Hamilton
    Happy Reading!

    📝WRITING - Mrs. Tronolone 

    Updated 6/3

    Today we will continue to work through the Memoir Unit!  Please read through the SlideShow I posted in Google Classroom :)

    You will be listening to/reading the steps you will take to begin the introduction, the body, and the conclusion to your Memoir!   This will include coming up with a strong hook/lead and a conclusion. 

    From there you will continue writing the remainder of your Memoir; keeping in mind all of the pieces that are mentioned in the Slideshow.

    DON'T WORRY!!  This is just your rough copy!!  We will work on editing, dialogue, and figurative language next week!

    Please Turn In your Memoir to me by Friday:


    I have office hours on Friday from 12-1.⏰  The code for all meetings is 6BOffice. 

    Please send me a message through Google Classroom is you have questions!

    Mrs. Tronolone



    MATH - Mrs. Purdy   

    Hi Everyone! 

    By now most of you have signed up for the google classroom by your period.   Great job! If not, please do so. I sent everyone an invitation. 

    POW # 5 this week! 6/1

    6/2 Tuesday:  Lesson 11 is due- Lesson 12: area of a trapezoid  will be assigned. 

    6/4 Thursday- Lesson 12 due Lesson 11 assigned - area of irregular polygons. 

    6/5 Friday - POW # 5 is due

    I have office hours with Mrs. Klavon every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30.   We are playing Kahoot to help our students review all of the material they have been taught through the year.


    I am providing feedback from your turned-in work.  So be sure to look for private comments.

    I am so proud of you! 


    If you have finished the mini lesson and would like more to do, you can work on Study Island - (You can do any of the topics you have already learned.) Remember you are going at your own pace.   Study Island  is through Clever on the District Website and use the same email you use to get onto the computers at school. I attached directions on my google classroom.

    Miss you and hope you are doing well. 

    Mrs. Purdy



    SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Castiglione ->NO Office Hours today, Wednesday, June 3rd.  I have district meetings in the afternoon.  

    6/1:  The Beginnings of Rome

    • Today when you log into your Google classroom, you will see that we are moving ahead with our unit on Ancient Rome.  Today you will be:
    • 1.  Reading a document on the Geography of Rome and its Beginnings.
    • 2.  Watching a video
    • 3.  Taking a Quizizz on the material from the BOTH the document and the video.
    • Be sure to TURN IN when done and leave me a private message that you have completed all 3 parts of the assignment.  

    6/3: Life of a Teenager in Ancient Rome

    • We will be continuing our unit on Ancient Rome.  Today when you log into Google Classroom you will see a 2 part assignment.  Part 1 is a video for you to watch about what life was like for a teenager in ancient Rome.  When you finish the video, open up the Part 2 assignment.  This is the quiz that you need to take and SUBMIT.  The questions for the quiz go in order so you can toggle back and forth between video and questions, if you need to.  Once you submit your response, make sure you mark as done.  You cannot retake the quiz once you submit.  You need to watch the video to do the quiz.  
    • Please do not SUBMIT a blank document, you need to do the assignment to receive credit. 



    SCIENCE - Mrs. Klavoon

    Tuesday- 6/2/20

    Hi Folks!  Today's assignment is an introduction to buoyancy with Bill Nye.

    After watching the video, or while you are watching, please complete the questions in the form.  Remember to submit the form AND mark the assignment as done in Classroom.


    Thursday 6/4/20-

    For this assignment, you are going to read 12.2 Buoyancy, read over the 12.2 guided notes, and complete the guided notes assignment in forms.  Remember to submit the form AND mark as done in Classroom.


    Email contact info:

    Mrs. Klavoon- sklavoon@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Adamski- kadamski@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Castiglione- mcastiglione@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Purdy- apurdy@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Tronolone- ttronolone@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Kempf- mkempf@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Pryzlucki- apryzlucki@wscschools.org

    Mrs. Mock - jmock01@wscschools.org


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