6B Communication Page - Mrs. Adamski, Mrs. Castiglione, Mrs. Klavoon, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Tronolone

  • Welcome Team 6B! 

    This is your homework website, and it will include team and school announcements. 

    Each core teacher will post their homework assignments below...

    Team 6B Bell Schedule

     ****   Foreign Language Forms are available in Mrs. Kubiak's Google classroom.  Please complete and return after you have discussed it with your families.  If you are not in her classroom, you can join using the code :   fozl426

     Yearbooks can be purchases through the website: jostensyearbooks.com

    Orders are due April 1 

    **Reminder: Kids are not allowed to wear gaitor masks, per health department guidelines.  



    M: No New Homework- Make up late or missing work before Friday (end of quarter 3)

    T:  Finish Changing states of matter review if needed, and turn in when complete (we went over this in class)  Make up late of missing work by Friday.

    W- No new Homework

    Th:   11.2 Vocab form



    M: Extra credit for Topic 4 test - due tomorrow 4/13

    POW #20 all periods due Friday

    3rd quarter ends on Friday- get all of your papers/ assignments and tests in before Friday! 

    T: Page 282 #4 and 5 Periods 1, 2, 4 and 8

        Fluency Section 1a, 2b and 3a Period 5 only 

    POW #20 All periods due Friday

    W:  Periods 1, 2 4 and 8 have a quiz on Friday: writing ratios and finding equal ratios

    POW #20 due Friday

         Period 5 - finish the equation quiz- using your math in booklet numbers 6 and 7 





    M:  None- Make sure all assignments for the 3rd quarter are turned in by Friday:)






    Social Studies:

    M: Any missing work is due no later than noon this Wednesday.  Grades close Friday.

         Unit Test on Ancient Greece - Wednesday, April 21.

    TAny missing work due tomorrow by noon

    W: Unit test on Ancient Greece next Wed

    Th: Unit test next week Wednesday

    F: Study Guide posted in classroom; Unit test Wednesday 


    M: Finish 3A, 3B, 3C Greek and Latin Root Word Book

    Read for 30 minutes

    T: "A Buzzy Surprise" Newsela (sign in using your google account) Due 4/14

    Read for 30 minutes

    W: Make sure "A Buzzy Surprise" is completed by today.  Reread the scope article "Why are we so tired?"

    Read for 30 minutes


    Read for 30 minutes


    Read for 30 minutes








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