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Welcome to Team 6A

  •                                                         PICTURE REATKE DAY IS NOVEMBER 6



    Ms. Ruh                        10/01/2019

    Social Studies

    Today we started our Document of the week.  Each Monday the students will be given a document sheet with several questions on it.  It is due the Friday of that week.  No exceptions.  If it is not handed in by Friday ,the student will receive a grade of 0 which they may not make up. Thank you.

    Also, today the classes received their vocabulary list for Unit 1.  We will be having a test on all the words on Wednesday, October 16.  

      Please bring a book or magazine to read everyday in class. 

     Thank you



    Miss Aigner - I apologize for the lack of updates, I just gained access to the sight


    M-Read 30 minutes and web about character traits

    M-Finish Comprehension check if not finsihed in class

    T - Read 30 minutes and after you read capture your reading for 4/5 minutes.  Look for the bad side of your character

    W - Read 30 minutes and respond - add to something you already have or start something new

    T - Read 30 mintues and do one of the following

    What is your plan for reading tonight?

    1. Write a web about your character’s different traits?  Show each trait with a piece of evidence. 4 traits
    2. Discuss how some traits matter more than others and how they affect the rest of your story? 3-4 sentences
    3. Talk about how your character’s traits have affected the plot of the story? 3-4 sentences



    Mrs. Houck

    Math 10- 11- 19


    ~POWs (Problems of the Week) are handed out each Monday and are due each Friday.  If handed in by Wednesday, students are able to make corrections and hand back in to improve score.


    Mrs. Holmes


    ~'Microscope Review Sheet' is due on Wednesday, 10/16. Use this review sheet to prepare for the 'Microscope Test'  that will be on Friday, 10/18. Also, click on the link below to play a game that will prepare you for the test:

    ~Check out the link to 'Quizlet.' It's a great way to stay ahead and study the vocabulary for any unit we are on throughout the year!  You can access 'Quizlet' by clicking on the Science heading in the left-hand margin of this page. Scroll down to the bottom of and you'll see the link!



    Mrs. Puntillo

    No Weekly Writing for the week of the 14th


    Summer Reading Project is Due on November 1st