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    Ms. Ruh (Social Studies) 1/15/2019

    Students must bring the following to class everyday;


    colored pencils

    A book to read

    supply bag


    We will be taking the China unit test on, Wednesday, January 23.  The students will be given a study guide this week and we will go over it as a class.



    Also, we will be taking our Midterm Social Studies test on , Wednesday ,February 6.  This test is very important for the students Third quarter grade.




    Mrs. Castiglione (Reading)  1/ 18 /19


    ~Reading log Week of Jan. 14th.  #16

    ~Finish questions for chapter 8

    ~Read chapter 9



    Mrs. Houck (Math) 1-18-19


    **POWs are due every Friday.  If handed in by Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to make corrections and raise their grade.



    Mrs. Holmes (Science) 


    **Several students did not return their 'Life Science' Textbooks. Students will be unable to take home the textbook for our next unit until the previous textbook has been returned. Furthermore, as per the textbook contract signed at the beginning of the school year, there will be a charge for the textbooks that are not returned.**

    ~The end of the second quarter is Friday, 1/25. Therefore, if you were absent during ANY portion of the midterm, or if you are absent on the notebook check day, it is imperative that you see me before Friday the 25th to make up your missing work.



    Mrs. Puntillo  (English) Weekly Writing - 3.8 (Character Traits) Due Friday 1/18/19

    Weekly Writing- ACE (Martin Luther King) - Will be assigned tomorrow. It will be due 1/25/19

    Study Skills Group will meet Tuesday afterschool.















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