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    Ms. Ruh (Social Studies) 3 / 14/ 19

    Students must bring the following to class everyday;


    colored pencils

    A book to read

    supply bag


     Today we started learning about Ancient Rome.  The students were given their vocabulary words and we will have a 5 word spelling test on Tuesday, March 19. They also were given time to start their homework in class today so everybody who was in school today should have it by tommorrow if they want any credit for it.

    The new words for the spelling test are : Republic, Patrician, Plebians, census, inflation.






    Mrs. Castiglione (Reading)  3 / 18 /19


    ~Reading log Week of March 18th.  #24 

    ~Questions for chapter 18.  For #5, use details from pages 290-293 to do a sketch on a sheet of paper or on the back of your question sheet.  






    Mrs. Houck (Math) 3-13-19

    *Periods 2, 3, 5 & 7  - complete reteaching pages 8-1 and 8-4 in yellow spiral

    *Period 9 - complete practice page 9-2 in yellow spiral


    **POWs are due every Friday.  If handed in by Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to make corrections and raise their grade.




    Mrs. Holmes (Science) 


    ~On Wednesday, 3/20 and Thursday, 3/21, you will complete the Reflective Lesson @7, where you will once again prove what you know about Why Things Sink or Float. Begin thinking of evidence you could use to back up your claim(Charts, pictures, graphs, etc). Continue to review the vocabulary often either from your notebook or through Quizlet.




    Mrs. Puntillo

    Weekly Writing due Friday, March 8th. "Let it Snow" ACE question.

    Argument Essay is due.

    Study Skills Group will meet March 6th, 2019 afterschool. 















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