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    Ms. Ruh                               Social Studies                             12/5/2019

     I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family.

    Here are some dates to share with you:


    Unit 3 , Fertile Crescent Test will be given on Tuesday, December 10.  We will be having a classroom review on Monday , December 9.


    The students were given Document #7 earlier this week.  It is to completed and handed it by Friday, December 6.  This will be graded as Part 2 of the test they are taking on Tuesday. Please ask your student if they have handed it in. It is very important.  Thank you!


    The students were given time on Tuesday to take the review Quiz online in school. If they want to retake it while studying they simply have to log onto and click on Find a Quiz.

    Enter West Middle Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia Test Review in search bar and it will be there.


       Please bring a book or magazine to read everyday in class. 

     Thank you



    Miss Aigner - Reading


    M - Read 30 minutes and find the mood of your story(fill out work sheet)

        -Bend 2 Assessment Wednesday - look over mood and Bend 1 Assessment

    T - Read 30 minutes

        -Bend 2 Assessment Wednesday - look over mood and Bend 1 Assessment

    W - Read 30 minutes 

    T -  Read 30 minutes

    F - Read 30 minutes



    Mrs. Houck - Math 12-5- 19

    Periods 2, 3, 7 & 9  - complete the Ratio worksheet

    Period 5 - complete the "Find the Error" worksheet 


    ~POWs (Problems of the Week) are handed out each Monday and are due each Friday.  If handed in on or before Wednesday, students are able to make corrections and hand back in to improve score.


    Mrs. Holmes



    ~Check out the link to 'Quizlet.' It's a great way to stay ahead and study the vocabulary for any unit we are on throughout the year!  You can access 'Quizlet' by clicking on the Science heading in the left-hand margin of this page. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the link. We are currently in the 'Cell Biology' unit.



    Mrs. Puntillo

    Complete Argument Essay Graphic Organizer

    Essay is Due Tuesday, December 3rd, on Google Classroom