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Welcome to Team 6A

  • Updated 3/26

    Remind:  If you would like to join remind the class name is 6A 2019-2020 and the code is @b6k2f2

    How to Log Onto Google at Home

    1.  Go to
      1. You may have to click the blue sign-in button
    2. To login type your computer login
      1.   (Birthdate, first initial, last name)
    3. Type your password - the same password you use to log onto the chrome book.


    Attention Mrs. Mock's AIS - please join her classroom page.  The code is h7frcgg


    Click here to get onto school e-mail  E-Mail


    Ms. Ruh                               Social Studies                             5/4/2020


    Well it has been decided by our governor that we will not be returning to school this school year. It is for all of our health and safety.  Your teachers miss all of you very much.  We have come up with a Google Meet schedule so you all know when each of us will be available on Google Meet.  You are welcome to ask questions about a current assignment, discuss assignments with your peers if they are in your class period, or just to say hello and let us see your face and how you are doing.  Please take advantage of this oppurtunity.  My office hours on Google Meet will be on Tuesdays 12:00-2:00.  Please try to stick to your class's scheduled time. You do not have to log on if you don't have any questions or concerns but again, you can always just say hello! It will not be every Tuesday but, I will send you an invite when I have one scheduled on Google Classroom. The next one will be on Tuesday, May 12.

    Period 2-12:00-12:15, Period 3- 12:25-12:40, Period 5- 12:55- 1:10

     Period 7- 1:20-1:35 and Period 9- 1:45-2:00.


    Check on Google Classroom on Mondays and Wednesdays for weekly activites for Social Studies. Once you have finished one please remember to turn it in so I can check that I have collected it for my gradebook.

    I hope all of your families are safe and well and everyone is being kind . Reach out to me on our school email anytime.  I love hearing from all of you!




    Miss Aigner - Reading



    • Check out Google Classroom for updated work, ideas and activities
    • While we are off, I am asking that students try to finish up their Nonfiction slide project.  If you need help signing in please e-mail me. 
    • Also, read, read, read.  On Friday, March 27th I will be posting places you can go to get free books.  Some are free trials that will require a credit card.  I just wanted to give you some options.


    Mrs. Houck - Math - Update 3-26-20

    Hi Everyone!

    I am continuing to post math lessons on Miss Aigner's Google Classroom. I am also posting fun little practice games from a website called Quizizz which will let me know how you are doing with our review skills. None of your work will be graded, but it will let me know you are alive and well and keeping those math skills fresh! Make sure you are checking in every Tuesday and Thursday for new math work. After watching a video, please let me know by "Turning the Assignment In" in Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

    Missing you all so much!

    Talk to you soon,

    Mrs. Houck



    Mrs. Holmes


    ~Hi Y'all! I hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe! As I said in class on our last day together, my main concern for you during this time is to stay physically active, keep your brain active, and give your parents a break. That hasn't changed. To help with keeping your brain active, I will be posting videos, activities, articles to read, etc. a couple of days a week while we are apart. Some of these activities will be related to topics we already covered this year, while others will be something that I thought was cool or interesting. 

       The easiest way for me to do this is by posting them on Google Classroom. Miss Aigner was kind enough to add me to her 'Reading' groups in Google Classroom. Unfortunately, you won't be able to find me in your science period. However, look for your Reading period and you will see activities posted by me, in addition to whatever Miss Aigner has up her sleeve for you.

       You could also continue to work on the midterm quizizz below. It's a great way to keep that information fresh in your brain!

       Remember: Take care of yourselves, be kind to each other, and WASH YOUR HANDS! :)


    ~Students have been given a review packet to complete while they are home. In addition, students have been given full access to 'Science World Magazine,' an excellent online resource that covers a variety of interesting science topics. To access the site, click on the link below. Once on the site, use the password 'westmiddle2020' to access all online resources:

    The link below is also an excellent resource to review all material related to the packet that was sent home:

    ~Check out the link to 'Quizlet.' It's a great way to stay ahead and study the vocabulary for any unit we are on throughout the year!  You can access 'Quizlet' by clicking on the Science heading in the left-hand margin of this page. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the link. 



    Mrs. Puntillo English


    Thank you so much for the ongoing communication. I truly love hearing from you :).

    Please contiue to work on the weekly RACCE'S. Also, I am enjoying reading your "I Survived Corona Slides". This assignment may continue to be added to as we are still uncertain when will be returning to school.  When we return, I would love share some of them with the class. Even if you don't share yours, this will be a good rememberance for you to have in the furture.

    You can share them with me on Google Drive ( or on Google Classroom.

    If you haven't checked out the Monteray Bay Aquarium WEB Cam please do it is very calming and enjoyable.

    Stay tune for more things to come. Stay safe and stay active.