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Welcome to Team 6A







    Ms. Ruh (Social Studies) 5/28/2019

    Students must bring the following to class everyday;


    colored pencils

    A book to read

    supply bag



    I hope everyone had a long, relaxing weekend.

    On Friday, May31, we will be taking our map test on Europe.  The students were given a list of locations that they will have to identify on the map on Tuesday.  Please encourage your student to study.  I give them time in class but it is not enough. 

    Next week,6/3/19, we will be starting to study The Middle Ages.





    Mrs. Castiglione (Reading)  Week of June 10th


    Friday:  Final exam review.  Multiple choice, page 104 read Drawing Horses and do questions 8-14.  ACCE, read story Shackleton's Stowaway, page 33.  Complete ACCE of question #33.  Be sure to use pink, yellow and green hilighters.  

    Final exam in Reading is on Tuesday, June 18th at 8am.






    Mrs. Houck (Math) 4-12-19


    Complete pages 9, 10 & 11 in the purple review spiral

    **POWs are due every Friday.  If handed in by Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to make corrections and raise their grade.




    Mrs. Holmes (Science) 

    ~At this point, all study guides and review packets for the final exam have been completed and/or handed out(Microworlds/Temperature and Heat/Density). Don't forget you also have the Chapter 9 Review packet(Sound and Waves), as well as the Chapter 10 review packet(Light and Color). Continue to review all materials to prepare for the final exam. Quizlet continues to be an excellent resource to help with vocabulary terms. The final exam date is Thursday, 6/20.

    ~Letters were handed out in class on Monday, 6/3 regarding the return of the physical science textbooks. All textbooks are due on or before Monday, June 17th. Please see the letter for specific details. 







    Mrs. Puntillo

    The English Part II will be administered in class tomorrow. We reviewed today in class. The students also recieved a study guide in class last week and additional review material today. This should help them in getting prepared for the exam.