Anonymous Tips (Safe and Anonymous Reporting Services)

  • West Middle has always supported our students and their guardians sharing information with us related to possible bullying or harassment.  Students, staff and parents share information with us on a regular basis that help us mediate or solve potential peer problems.  We have an amazing staff here at West Middle and your child's counselor, social worker, teacher or administrator are always ready to provide this assistance.
    Now we are adding one more way in which students or their parents can use an independent Web site that will allow for 
    AnonymousTips to be sent directly to West Middle administration.

    AnonymousTips provides a valuable resource for anonymously informing us of harassment and abusive behavior. However, AnonymousTips should not be used as a means to communicate emergency or time sensitive information to law enforcement and/or emergency personnel.

    Now students and parents have a safe and effective tool for reporting abuse and improving safety for themselves and their classmates.
    Use AnonymousTips to report:
    • Bullying & Other School Related Problems
    • Cyberstalking, Sexting or Internet Harassment
    Just click the Anonymous Tips link and choose NY.  
    1. Then choose West Seneca.  
    2. Then choose West Middle School.  
    3. Then choose the Incident or Issue type being reported. ("Other" is always an option)
    4. Then choose your connection to the incident.  ("Other" is always an option)
    5. Then type about the incident.  
    6. Then indicate how you learned about the incident. ("Other" is always an option)
    7. Provide additional information and type any important details
    8. Click the button that indicates you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use.
    9. Then click the submit button.
    Once you submit the information an email will be sent to the administration at West Middle.
    NOTE: Remember this report is completely anonymous and cannot be traced unless you provide information to the selected Educational institution to contact you.
    We hope this tool provides our school community with one more way to communicate with us in an effort to provide a safe, healthy and engaging learning environment.
    Mr. Kean