Home & Career Skills 8

  • Welcome Parents and Students to Mrs Lutman's 8th Grade

    Home & Career Skills



    This year we will focus on:

    1. Career Awareness

    a. interest surveys
    b. job readiness skills
    c. career options
    d. high school planning
    e. completion of a career awareness project

    2. Food Preparation - we will be building on the foods laboratory experiences from 7th grade
    a. safety and sanitation
    b. cooking techniques and procedures
    c. etiquette techniques while dining out or at home
    d. completion of a Family Meal Project
    3. Nutrition Awareness
    a. making wise food choices
    b. nutrient facts
    c. whole grains
    d. energy and calories
    e. nutrition labeling

    6.  Consumer Technology
    a. shopping decisions
    b. cost comparison
    c. money management
    d. understanding advertising





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