Weathering and Erosion Internet Review

  • A. Study Jams - Weathering and Erosion

    1. Click "Play Video" then hit the X button to close out.

    2. Click "Test Yourself" and answer the multiple choice questions.


    B. Before Weathering - After Weathering (Glencoe)

    1. Read the passage "How materials from Earth are broken down"

    2. Read the procedure in the left window that follows that passage. Complete procedures steps 1 - 7. use the interactive tools to study all four scenes.

    3. Respond to the following questions.

    a. What happened to the limestone cave after weathering/erosion by water?

    b. What happened to the sandstone rock after chemical weathering by oxidation?

    c. What happened to the mountainside and carving after freezing and thawing?

    d. What happened to the mountainside and carving after weathering and erosion by water?

    e. How did the vegetation/pine trees affect the rocky hillside?

    f. How did the ice and snow by ice wedging/freeze-thaw action affect the rocky hillside?

    g. What caused the cracking in the sidewalk and the foundation of the house?

    h. What did chemical weathering by oxidation do to the bike?


    C. Shape it Up

    1. Click “Launch Tool” and play the Shape It Up game and go through 6-8 rounds.

    2. Then click on the ? mark button “ Learn More” and respond to the following questions on a loose leaf sheet of paper. You may also use your notes. This assignment is due tomorrow.

    a. Explain how volcanoes can be considered a constructive force to build up the land.

    b. In what way does water can weathering?

    c. In what way does water act as an agent of erosion?

    d. What are glaciers?

    e. How do glaciers cause weathering and erosion to shape the Earth?

    f. What type of area does wind erosion frequently occur?

    g. Name one way that wind weathers/erodes and shapes the land?

    D. Weathering and Erosion Bouncing Balls Review Game

    1. Answer the multiple-choice questions on your homework sheet first. This assignment is due tomorrow.

    2. Respond to the multiple-choice questions within the review game while you play pinball.