Science 8 Course Outline

  • Contact Information

    • Teacher: Mrs. Gianadda
    • Room: 105
    • Phone: 677 – 3530 x4470
    • E -mail:

    What will we be learning about in 7th Grade?

    Scientific Inquiry
    The Living Environment
    Organisms – Macro to Micro
    The Human Body

    • Lab Safety
    • The Scientific Method
    • Measurement
    • Classification
    • Living and Non-living Things
    • Life Functions
    • Cells
    • Genetics
    • Change Over Time
    • Reproduction & Development
    • Dynamic Equilibrium
    • Organism Interaction
    • Human Impact
    • Human Body Systems

    What will we be learning about in 8th Grade?

    The Physical Setting
    Physical Science
    Earth Science

    • Energy
    • Heat
    • Light and Sound
    • Properties of Matter
    • Physical and Chemical Changes
    • Atoms and Elements
    • Weather and Storms
    • Astronomy
    • Earth's Interior and Earthquakes
    • Geology and Volcanoes
    • Forces and Motion

    What will we need for class?

    To be prepared for each and every class, please bring:

    • Science Binder or Folder with prongs
    • Pencil Case with Pens, Pencils, Colored Pencils, and Highlighter
    • Loose-leaf Paper

    What is expected of me?


    As a student in this science class, it is expected that you will...

    • Come to class prepared and ready to start class when the period begins
    • Participate in class and laboratory activities
    • Complete and turn in all assignments and projects
    • Keep notebook current and organized
    • Ask for help when you need it
    • Study or review material frequently
    • Be appropriate
    • Respect yourself, others, and property
    • Always try your best


    How is my grade calculated?

     This is how your grade will be calculated:

    • Tests and Projects 50%
    • Quizzes, Lab Reports and Graded Homework and Lab Reports 40%
    • Homework and Participation 10%

    Please note:
    Failure to complete homework will deprive you of an opportunity to reinforce what we learned in class and may result in consequences such as detention, or partial/loss of credit.

    Quarter 1 = 20%
    Quarter 2 = 20%
    Quarter 3 = 20%
    Quarter 4 = 20%
    Final Exam = 20%
    Final Average = 100%


    What should I do if I am absent from class?

    •  Pick up necessary worksheets from the “While You Were Out” Bin.
    • Turn in any assignments that were due during the time of your absence.
    • Ask one of your responsible classmates to explain what you missed.
    • Make an appointment with Mrs. G to go over assignments/notes that you do not understand.
    • Sign up for after school “success” to make up missed work or assessments.

    Is there anything else I need to know?

    *Teacher Website
    – Visit Mrs. Gianadda’s website for news, homework, project info, links, etc.   Password: science8105

    *Castle Learning
    – Online software with practice questions and vocab for each topic.   

    In: em._____________ (<--- west seneca school log in)


    *CPO Earth Science and Physical Science Textbook
    Choose the "Student Login" Tab
    username: gianadda105

    *NYS Science Assessment
    – This exam covers science material from Grades 5 – 8.  It consists of a lab performance part and the written part.  Both will be taken at the end of May/beginning of June.


    *Study Skills – In order to improve or maintain your understanding of the material learned in class, it is important to review your notes and vocabulary at least 5-10 minutes everyday.  Expect quizzes!