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    Room: East Middle 105

    Voicemail: 677-3530 x4470



    I am available for EXTRA HELP and MAKE UP WORK:

    7th Period Academic Support Class on Day 1 and Day 2
    (must have a pass ahead of time)
    After School from 2:20 to 3:00pm
    (must prearrange due to meetings, etc.)

    Use this website to...

    Link to daily homework in Science 8

    Find out what topics we are learning about in class and vocabulary terms to review on the "This Month In Science" page for Science 8.

    Access and print handouts from each unit given in class in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

    Other websites...

    Please be aware that these sites take you out of, and have no affiliation with the West Seneca Central School District.

    My Links - Here are websites that I find useful and interesting. Oftentimes, we will access this section for assignments, and to utilize resources that support the science content we are learning in class.

     Castle Learning - School Island
    I will assign homework and quizzes on this site. You must take advantage of your academic support classes and/or stay after school if you do not have a computer with Internet access. Remember, you can also create your own assignments to test your knowledge, practice, and study the topics and vocab that we cover in class on Castle Learning.

    Username: em._________________ (<-- whatever your WS sign-on is)

    Password: I recommend using the same as your school log-in password

    Castle Learning Website

    Local and NYS Intermediate Science Assessments

    Grade 7
    At the end of 7th grade, students will take a local exam that covers material learned throughout the year. There will be a written portion with multiple-choice and constructed response, and possibly a performance assessment. This exam addresses the NYS Math, Science, and Technology Learning Standards and parallels the Local and NYS Grade 8 Assessment.

    Grade 8
    All eighth grade students will take a Local Final Exam for Science 8 in June which counts for 20% of the students' final average in this course. This exam assesses material learned this year in Science 8 for The Physical Setting.

    Also - there is a NYS Intermediate Level Science Assessment. This exam will cover scientific concepts from Grades 5 through 8. It will be administered in two parts during May and June.

    Performance assessment: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of science process and lab skills, and scientific inquiry through a hands-on assessment.

    Written assessment: This portion of the exam includes multiple-choice questions and constructed response/short answer.

    Please visit My Links section to view websites related to this exam. Here you will find review sites, practice exams, and every concept the State expects the students to understand and be able to apply to a given question.