Weekly Reading Log

  • Students are required to read a minimum of 150 minutes on their own each week. While students can count reading done in study hall, the reading they do during English class is not to be included in their weekly totals. This averages out to 30 minutes of reading each night, Monday through Friday. In the event students are not able to complete the required number of minutes during the week, they are expected to make it up on the weekend. 

    Each weekly reading log covers the period from Monday to Sunday. Students are expected to complete a reading log each week, even when there are school breaks.  The reading log must be signed by a parent/guardian and handed in every Monday. 

    Logs that are handed in on their due date will received 100% credit, while logs handed in late will receive 50% credit. Although no credit will be given for a log that is turned in more than one day late, students are still expected to turn them in so they can include them in their composition notebook. This will create a permanent, record of what a student has read during the school year.

    While students can get copies of the reading log in class, they can also print them from my website. You can find a link to form below.

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