Life Science - Chapter 1 - Living Systems

  • Studying Life

    Earth is a living planet.  Life can be found in places where you least expect it!  Tiny living things can be found in the extremely hot openings of undersea volcanos, and even in hot springs full of acid.  Scientists from the University of Colorado have studied tiny organisms that survived for 20 years at the bottom of a dry bed in Antarctica.  When water finally reached them, the organisms sprang to life after only one day, within a week, and entire community had formed!  Researchers wonder if these life forms could even exist in the cold, dry surface of Mars.  In this chapter you will begin studying life science, a fascinating and sometimes surprising subject!

    Key Questions:

    1) How do you measure the world's largest living thing?

    2) Can mud turn into worms?

    3) How do you study living things?

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