5th Grade General Work Rubric

  • 5th Grade General Rubric
    This rubric is a general guideline for all work done by the students on our team.


    All work is neat and carefully done.

    Work has very few sloppy or careless spots. No bad ones though.

    Work has some sloppy or careless spots that make it appear weaker.

    Work has several sloppy or careless errors.


    The job is completely finished. All parts are done and explained well.

    The job is very nearly complete. All parts are there but maybe are not explained

    Some things are mis_ing.

    Several important pieces are mis_ing.


    The work is done correctly and accurately.

    Very few mistakes and no serious mistakes at all.

    There are a few mistakes or some are serious.

    There are several mistakes, or many of them in the work.


    The work shows high levels of thought if possible.

    Work shows thought but sometimes not very high levels of thinking.

    The work shows little thought or only low levels of thinking.

    The work shows very little thought or understanding of the subject.


    Is very creative or novel. It shows a great deal of YOU and your personality.

    Most parts are creatively done. A little YOU can be seen.

    Very little creativity, much is unoriginal. Most is just copied from somewhere.


    Almost no creativity. It is basically copied form somewhere else.