A Bit About Mr. Ball

  • Hello there everybody.  Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Mr. Ball.  I'm a 5th grade teacher here at East Middle School in West Seneca.  I thought you may want a bit of background about who is teaching your child this year and so here is my mini biography.

    I am a lifelong resident of West Seneca and graduated from West Senior in the class of 1977 and Buffalo State College BA in 1989/ MS Ed. 1994.  I hold teaching certifications from New York State in Elementary Education, Reading and in English through High School level.

    With the exception of my service in the Army, I have lived here all my life.  I am still a resident of West Seneca today and live in the East Middle school district.  My family has roots here too.  My in-laws were both teachers in West Seneca, although that was before I knew them.  My wife, Julie, is a West Seneca graduate (East 1978) my son and daughter are also (East 2009/ 2012).  All three of them also attended East Elementary and East Middle as well.  Its fair to say I've seen this school district from many angles and through many roles: student, father, employee, taxpayer...

    I've been teaching for nearly 35 years now, mostly at East Elementary School, now at East Middle School.  I've been here so long that I am now teaching the children of some of my first students!  I think of them as my "grand-students".  I've been teaching in 5th grade since 1990.  I've also taught 2nd and 3rd grade.  

    In the past, I was honored by being selected as WSTA Classroom Teacher of the Year in 1997 and the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year in 2004.  I've also been fortunate enough to be in the Who's Who of American Teachers eleven times, recognized by the Students of Excellence nine times and have been a Disney Creative Teaching Nominee three times.  Last year I was very proud inducted as an instructor into the National Social Studies Honor Society.

    This year (2018-2019) I work on a team with Mrs. Eppolito (Math & Science) I teach Social Studies and English Language Arts.  I have taught all of the subjects including Math and Science for several years though.

    Our classroom may be a bit unusual to some observers and I'd invite the parents of any of the students to come in and take a look around.  We have a "Family Room" in the rear of the classroom for students to relax and read in, and a mini history museum as well.  There are some pictures of items in our museum on the main page for the site.  It changes pretty often as some displays come down, others go up.

    I am very proud to say we started a History Club several years ago to take advantage of some of the history right here in Western New York.  I hope to rekindle it this year.  We take field trips once or twice a month on Saturdays.  For two years we have also gone to Old Fort Niagara in July and to Gettysburg, PA in August. My goal is to try to make the learning come alive for the students here at East with creative projects and challenges.

    I hope you'll use this page often to keep yourself informed of the many events, projects and units that we are doing in school- as well as your child's homework! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions- or better yet, some good ideas for the upcoming year.


    Mr. Ball