How you can help

  • Help fill our prize basket!!

    The students in our class enjoy earning prizes when we play games, when their behavior is outstanding, as well as other times.  Our prize basket can always use refilling!!

    When you are cleaning out your home, please think of us!!  We can always use:                                                        

    -small toys (ie: McDonalds happy meal toys)

    -small stuffed animals (small enough to fit in your hand)

    -small books (sometimes free in cereal boxes)

    -unwanted toys from birthday party treat bag

    -clean hair barrettes and bows

    -notepads, fancy pencils, stickers 

    -trading cards (sports, entertainment, etc.) 

    -any other small trinkets and toys

    If you're not sure if we can use something, just ask (or send it in!)

    The only thing I can't guarantee is that your child may pick out a prize that you sent in.  I won't restrict their choices!!