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    Having Trouble Accessing Parent Portal???


    If you are experiencing trouble with Parent Portal, or are new to it, here are some helpful things to try.  They were forwarded to us by our Student Services office.  Teachers do not have access to passwords etc.

    Q: What do I tell a parent who is asking for Parent Portal information?

    A: Have them go to either:

    - and click on the Parent Portal login link (on the left)


    -          Directly to the login page which can be found at


    IMPORTANTàThey need to –create- an account if they have not done so previously.


    From the login page, they need to click on “Create Account” tab on the bottom of the page

    -          Brings them to the following page: (


    Q: What do I tell a parent who forgot their username and password?

    A: With the single sign-on feature in parent portal, if they cannot remember their sign-on information there is a link

    "need help logging in" click on the link and they can choose to have their  username or password sent to them by email.

    Q: What if they get stuck and these tips do not help?

    A: Have them contact Diana Kowalewski at 677-3685 for a password reset or tech support.