2019-2020 ELA Notes First Semester

  • ELA notes for Semester 1

    20219-2020 ELA notes for the first part of the in ELA.  I will update it often.




    Literary Terms Vocabulary:  We will be using these terms often both in conferences and in our lessons. 

    Fantasy- a story that includes impossible things like magic

    Foreshadowing- an author’s hint that things “might” happen

    Personification- giving non-human things human personality

    Protagonist- the good guy (the conflict solver)

    Antagonist- the bad guy (the conflict causer)

    Setting- When (about what year) and where the story happens

    Plot- the events

    Introduction- meet and care about the characters

    Conflict- The problem that the protagonist has to solve

    Rising Action- the protagonist has more problems- more tense

    Climax- the moment the conflict gets solved… or not…

    Falling Action-the events start getting solved

    Resolution- everything is solved

    Allegory- lessons or author’s message

    Theme- the category of the allegory

    Point of View- who is telling the story character or narrator

    Foil-a person or thing that reveals the qualities of  the protagonist or antagonist 

    Alliteration- using two or more words in a row with the same beginning sounds

    Character- the traits a person in story has.

    Mood- the overall feelings of a story.


     Sentence Sense

    A sentence is considered to be a "complete thought" There is a "thing" doing some "action".

    Subject is the "thing" in the sentence (noun)

    Predicate is the "action" in the sentence (verb)

    Object is the thing that receives the action (noun)



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