Mr. DiCarlo's Home Work Policy

  • Mr. DiCarlo's Class Homework Policy

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                          Homework Policy  2019-2020  


    1.  There is always homework in one or more subjects.  Students should write the assignments for each class in their planners.  DO NOT count on the web site for assignments as it does not allow you to pack materials if you wait until you are home to be reminded.  That is for you to check what you wrote and for your parents to see.


    2.  Each day the teachers will list the assignments to be done on the board.  It is the student’s job to accurately copy them into the planner and to pack the needed materials.  Parents are encouraged check the assignments on the web site. Here is the link- Homework Calendar


    3.  Each student is expected to complete the assignments to the best of his or her ability.  Always make the attempt to do it.  It helps the teacher see where you need assistance. Saying, "I didn't get it..." is NOT acceptable and counts as "unprepared for class".  Students who are unprepared may be required to stay after school to make up missing assignments.  They will call home to get permission in that event. 
    After being "unprepared" three times a student may receive detention. 


    4.  Some assignments may extend over a period of days or even, in some cases, weeks.  Students are expected to write the due dates in their planner and monitor progress.  I am available after school M-Th for assistance or support if needed.


    5.  Homework is due on the date stated when it is assigned.  Late assignments will result in a lower grade if they are turned in within a reasonable time frame.  Beyond that the grade will be a zero.


    6.  Missing assignments will be annotated on the Parent Portal with a grade of 0 and an annotation of "Missing".


    7.  If a student is absent, homework will not be sent home.  The student must make it up in a reasonable time frame after returning to school and getting the lessons he or she has missed.


    8.  Students leaving for vacation will not receive assignments in advance.  They are to make the work up within a reasonable time upon returning.  It is the student’s responsibility to get the missing assignments after the vacation.  They are also available on the web site.


    9. Chronic work problems may result in the student losing certain privileges such as class parties or field trips.  This may also result in detention.


    10.  Extenuating circumstances may exist.  In that case Mr. DiCarlo will decide the best course of action.



    (Please print and return a copy of this page with your child.)


    I have read and understand the homework policy for Mr. DiCarlo's 5th Grade class.


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