Grades 4 & 5 Suggestions

  • It is critical that your child keeps reading and being read to at this age. Young readers need to become practiced at reading, and the only way to get good at it – is to practice!


    Take turns reading a book with your child.


    Ask your child to compare a book to another familiar book.


    Ask what part of the story or book your child liked best and why.


    Ask if your child liked the ending of the story. Why or why not?


    Ask your child what type of mood the story or chapter in a book creates. Ask how the author creates the mood.


    If your child has read more than one book by the same author, ask how the books are similar or different.


    Provide your child with a reliable home dictionary and encyclopedia. Encourage children to look up subjects that puzzle or interest them.


    If your child is not enthusiastic about reading, choose books on subjects sure to interest her or him: books on sports, books of riddles or magic tricks, books on hobbies. (Be sure they are not too difficult for your child to read.)


    If she's a television rather than a reading fan, see which programs she prefers and provide suitable books on the same subjects.


    Set a good example as a reader — read every day at home even if it is a magazine or newspaper.




    Make reading fun — a time that you both look forward to spending together.

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