Kindergarten -- Grade 3 - Suggestions for Reading at Home

  • If your child is just beginning to learn to read:

    Practice the sounds of language.

    Help your child take spoken words apart and put them together.

    Practice the alphabet by pointing out letters wherever you see them and by reading alphabet books.


    If your child is beginning to read…

    Point out the letter-sound relationships your child is learning on labels, boxes, newspapers, magazines and signs.

    Listen to your child read words and books from school.


    If your child is reading…

    Reread familiar books.

    Children need practice in reading comfortably and with expression using books they know.


    Build reading accuracy.

    As your child is reading aloud, point out words he missed and help him read words correctly.

    If you stop to focus on a word, have your child read the whole sentence to be sure he understands the meaning.


    Build reading comprehension.

    Talk with your child about what she is reading.

    Ask about new words.

    Talk about what is happening in story.

    Ask what new information she learned from the book.

    Encourage her to read on her own.


    Make reading a part of every day!

    Share conversations with your child over meal times and other times you are together. 

    Read together every day.

    Be your child’s best advocate.

    Be a reader and writer.

    Visit the library often.