Snack Policy

  • Snack Policy: 

    There will be a monthly snack schedule, I'm asking each student to bring a healthy snack in for his/her classmates on their snack day.  If you cannot bring in a snack, please let me know the day before your child's snack day, by a note or a phone call.  We have 25 students.  Please send in enough snacks for 25 children.  Please send in healthy snacks such as pretzels, crackers, fruits, vegetables, bread & butter, muffins, etc...          

    The children also appreciate juice. 

    Also, please send in the forks, spoons, cups and/or bowls if needed for your child's snack day.

    Healthy Snack Suggestions:

    Fruit (suggestions:  apple slices, grapes)


    Fruit Cups

    Veggies (suggestions:  carrot and celery sticks)


    Rice Cakes

    Popcorn (please pop ahead of time!)

    Granola Bars

    Cereal Bars




    Trail Mix

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