Letter from the Teacher

  • August 2016

    Dear Third Graders,

         Welcome to third grade!  I am very excited to have you in my class this year. I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  It is hard to believe that we will be starting a brand new school year in just a few short weeks.  I sure hope you are having a fabulous summer.  I certainly have been enjoying the beautiful weather and seem to be spending a lot of time swimming in my pool with my three children and reading a lot of great books!

         Third grade is an exciting year.  Our very first unit in Science class is on the life cycle of a butterfly.  You will be able to watch a caterpillar change into a beautiful butterfly right before your eyes.  It is amazing!  In Social Studies class we will learn about other countries around the world.  Did you ever wonder what life would be like in China?

         This year we will also work on becoming independent readers.  It is so important that you are reading everyday.  Reading is my favorite hobby.  I love to curl up with a good book.  I could easily sit for hours and read everyday.  You will be able to read just right books in class everyday in third grade. I am hoping you will learn what it is like to get "lost" in a book this year.   You can even sign up to read your favorite book to our class.  I am really anxious to meet with you to discover your strengths as a reader.  

         You have been working on the 7 habits since kindergarten.  I am sure you could tell me what each habit means. Sometimes what is difficult is actually putting those habits into action.  In third grade we are going to continue to fine tune how the 7 habits work for us both at school and at home.  We will start with habit # 1  Be proactive.  I think this habit is sometimes difficult because it is asking us to do what we are suppose to be doing all the time, even when the teacher or our parents aren't looking.  This takes practice.  If this is a hard habit for you, rest assured you are not alone.  We will work on this together!
         I look forward to meeting you on September 6th!
       Mrs. Talty