Welcome to First Grade!

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    We had a wonderful first day of first grade!  Please bear with me as we get into a routine and a brand new schedule.  Here are some things to help guide you until we see each other for open house.



    Your child should come prepared for gym wearing a pair of sneakers and comfortable clothing.  Also as the weather is nice, your child should also come prepared with sneakers so that he/she can use the playground!


    This year we have a set schedule for specials!  Please see special schedule.


    Parent Volunteers

    There will also be an opportunity to start literacy groups in our classroom.  Please send days and times in which you are available and hopefully we can create groups again this year!  Many of you helped out with Mrs. Sipior last year and what a great success it was.  These groups will only be run in our own classroom for about a half hour each day.


    Take Home Folders  (We have not gotten these yet so a blank folder will go home until our “Wildcat” folders come in!

    Your child’s take home folder is very important.  It is labeled, and will be sent home every afternoon with school memos, personal notes, completed work, and monthly calendars.  Please try to establish the routine with your child of looking inside each day.  Please use the labels inside as a guide. 

    *Homework will not begin right awayJ



    Snack time is important to keep their energy levels up throughout the day.  We are first graders now.  Each child should bring their own snack each day. A water bottle is also fine as long as it has a pop top and can close up tightly.  Spills may ruin our hard work at our tables. 

    *In the event of a birthday, You may send cupcakes, cookies etc. and juice boxes if you wish and we will celebrate on that day; or on a day close to his/her birthday!  We also sing karaoke in honor of this special day so you may talk about a favorite song with your child ahead of time so that they are ready to rock and roll!



    Children buying lunch should bring money in a change purse or an envelope with his/her name on it.  The children can prepay with a check or bring money daily.  Children bringing in extra money or using their account to buy an extra snack or drink should have a note naming the items you would like your child to buy.  This will help the cafeteria staff to get foods for your child.  It will also be helpful in that your child will not buy items you do not wish them to buy. 


    Arrival and Dismissal

    If you are dropping your child off at school please remember to stop in the main office to sign your child in.  If you are picking your child up from school, please send a note with them that day.  I will then know not to put your child on the bus.  This is SO important.  If a note is not received, your child will be put on the bus unless you call or arrive at the office before your child’s bus has been called.


    It is so exciting to be jumping into a new year with you!  You may call or write a note in the back of the take home folder anytime you have questions or concerns.  677-3250 x4046


    I am looking forward to working with you and your child,

    Mrs. Rebecca Holmes